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RoughTrax have made this video to make it easier to understand how the Streetwize Vehicle & Personal GPS Tracker works and how simple it is to install. Simply send the tracker a text message from your mobile phone & the tracker will reply with a map of the GPS location, speed, time, date &. Streetwise Couriers have been successfully servicing businesses throughout Surrey and South West London since 1985. We now have branches in Surrey, London and Sussex and are founder members of the Despatch Association and National Courier Association, giving us. Streetwize Vehicle Security Tracker is extremely easy to use and an ideal device to keep your car safe. Suitable for small fleets, this compact GPS device provides a real-time location of your vehicles. Tracker equipped vans, busses, and trailers are easy to locate and recover in lost and theft activities. Ensure the tracker is faced upwards only – with the Streetwize logo pointing upwards and the SIM card slot facing downwards. Page 4 SWTRACK1- 8Page Manual-A6.qxpLayout 1 11:29 Page 5 Tracking a Location By Text and Map 1. As mentioned above, once the setup is complete simply text G123456# to the unit.The usual response time. RoughTrax have made this video to make it easier to understand how the Streetwize Tracker works and how simple it is to install.Simply send the tracker a tex.

Dear Future Streetwise Pets Customer – Welcome to the home of the most preferred GPS Technology Company in South Africa to keep your pet(s) safe. We are not merely a supplier of products, we are GPS specialists in the pet industry and our footprint comes a long way. It is our aim to guide, educate and assist all our customers with good back-up support which is crucial when considering this kind of technology for your pet. No other company offers the same nor have our knowledge which makes us stand out above any competitor.

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