Timber Bookends

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Hold books upright and in style using these easy-to-construct bookends. Using only simple, straight cuts, the parts assemble quickly with only a drill and a few screws. Small L-brackets hold the books tightly in place, while rubber stoppers keep the bookends from sliding. Just stain or paint the blocks, and then top with a decorative ornament like our thrift store geese, and you’re, ahem, golden!

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$10 for two (not including ornaments)

Time: ½ hour

Difficulty: Easy. With only straight cuts and a bit of assembly, this is a perfect project to get your feet wet.

Tape Measure

Miter or Hand Saw



Hot Glue Gun

(1) 1×6 – Look for a short “project board” at the homecenter to avoid buying a unnecessarily long piece.

(8) Self-adhesive Clear Rubber Bumpers

(4) 3 inch L-brackets

1 ¼ inch Wood Screws

Wood Glue

Glue Sticks


1. Cut and Sand the Parts

Cut the 1×6 to size using the cut list provided. “Knock down” the edges and corners using a sanding block. Sand the remaining sides of each block until smooth.

2. Apply the Wood Glue

Wood Bookends To Paint

Apply a bead of wood glue to the face of a 7-inch block along its bottom edge. Ensure the glue stays within ¾-inch of the bottom edge. Now press the back edge of a 4 ½ inch block onto the glue. Repeat on the second set.

3. Drill the Pilot Holes

Holding the pieces square to one another, drill three pilot holes through the backer piece and into the back edge of the horizontal piece, as shown. Repeat on the second set.

4. Assemble the Wood Blocks

Wood Bookends

Using a drill/driver, drive 1 ¼ inch wood screws through each of the pilot holes to hold the parts of each bookend firmly in place. If staining or painting, this is a good time to do so before the hardware is attached in the remaining steps.

5. Attach the L-brackets

Place two L-brackets 1 ½ inches from each edge of the backer boards and flush with the table. Drill a shallow pilot hole in through the hole in the bracket and into the backer board. Make sure not to drill through the thickness of the board. Insert the L-bracket screw into the pilot hole, and then tighten the screw using a drill/driver. Repeat on the second assembly.

6. Add the Rubber Bumpers

Flip each assembly upside down and stick a rubber bumper to each corner. These bumpers will prevent the bookends from slipping away from the books when in place.

Wood Bookends Plans

7. Secure the Ornaments

Using a hot glue gun, secure the ornament to the surface of each bookend. If the ornament is made of wood, a set screw can be driven though the underside of the bookend for added strength.