Toribash Game Online

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Toribash is an innovative and unique turn-based fighting game that simulates a real-life martial arts match. Graphics are simple but effective, gameplay is deep, challenging. Product is great for multiplayer matches, replayability is high due to many differents fighting styles, move that can be used. Software was first released on December 21, 2006, for Windows, Mac OS X.


On December 5, 2007, soft was made available on Valve Corporation's Steam content delivery system. Software is unique in that it is only game to use Toribash download physics engine. Graphics in Toribash game are simple but effective. Characters, environments are all 3D models, they are all well-animated. Matches look realistic, blood, gore add to violent atmosphere. Graphics are not cutting-edge, but they are more than adequate for type of game that Toribash play is. Graphics in app are basic, but game does not require high-end graphics to play. Engine is designed to use less processing power, which can be helpful for those with lower-end machines.


Gameplay in Toribash is turn-based, uses physics-based simulation. Players control their player's body by using various joints to move, rotate their character. Moves are pre-determined, can be previewed before they are executed. Software features a single-player campaign, as well as multiplayer matches. Gameplay in Toribash download for free is deep and challenging. There are many different moves, fighting styles that can be used, learning curve is steep. However, once players learn ropes, gameplay is highly rewarding. Matches are intense, exciting,possibilities for strategy are endless. Gameplay is so unique, challenging that it's always fun to play, online community ensures that there is always someone to play against.


There are a variety of game modes to keep things interesting, simple but effective graphics ensure that soft never looks stale. Multiplayer in Toribash for free is done through game's built-in server browser, or through a third-party game server. Software supports up to sixteen players in a single match. There are a varieties of game modes, including deathmatch, team deathmatch, clan matches. Is great for multiplayer matches. Matches are fast-paced, intense, there is plenty of strategy involved.


Online community is large and active, there are always plenty of matches to be found. Multiplayer in Toribash is excellent. There are variety of game modes to choose from, online community is active, friendly. Gameplay is so unique that it's a lot of fun to play against other players, multiplayer aspect of soft helps to keep it fresh and exciting. Replayability in Toribash free download is high due to many different fighting styles, moves that can be used. There are many different mods and servers that can be played on, which keeps game fresh and exciting, is a great game that is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end.


  • Replayability in Toribash free play is high. There are varieties of game modes, game's physics-based gameplay allows for a high level of creativity. Players can create their own moves, and there are a variety of clothing and body modifications available to make each character unique.
  • What is difference between normal English, British English?Difference is that British English has a few extra cases, letter "u" is sometimes replaced by letter "o".
  • Can I play Toribash game in any language?Yes you can. Software has been translated to following languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian.
  • What is age rating for soft?It is not rated but it is suitable for people of all ages. Overall, Toribash game for free is an innovative, unique turn-based fight game that simulate a real-life martial art match.