Toribash Mushu Moves

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Welcome to the Endurance Onslaught , a seemingly regular bracket tournament but with a twist.
The outcome of the match will not be determined by frames but by stamina.
Reach 100,000 points before your opponent to knock them out and win the match.
With matches as long as 2,000 frames this is a test not only of skill but of tenacity.
• Mod is lenshu3ng_aw_arena.tbm with some changes(mod is attached to this post)
[SPOILER='the mod : lenshu3ng_aw_arena.tbm']
It is lenshu3ng in an arena.
The other differences to normal lenshu3ng are:
-arms(wrists,elbows,shoulders) have 500 dmt(dismembermentthreshold)
-the rest of the body has 300 dmt(normal lenshu dmt is 275)
(dmt is irrelevant in this event tho since all dms are disabled)
-wrists do not take any damage at all
(the wristchange does buff punches and blocks with hands a bit)
A BIG thank you to aliosa for making this mod for this event.
(Set lenshu3ng_aw_arena.tbm as the mod and change the matchframes to 2000 , the winpoints to 100000(one hundred thousand) and disable dms.You can NOT change any other gamerule)
(The first person who reaches 100k+ points wins with these settings)
Here is a pic of the gamerules before and after the changes.Lenshu3ng_aw_arena.tbm must be loaded first before changing the gamerules.

• Best of 5 matches to decide the game.
• DQ is a loss.
• Timeout is a draw, you must reach the winpointthreshold.
(when a match ends by a draw no player will receive a match point,the score stays the same it was before this match started)

[SPOILER='further explanations']
Hello, here are some more explanations and thoughts for this event.
-First of all, I am hosting this event,staff has nothing to do with it except for sponsoring it,so if any commotion is started about this event talk to me and not staff.
-Second, i hope there wont be any commotion and people just stick to the rules.

A player loses a match if he quits/disconnects or pings midgame before he has reached 100k points.
Dismemberments are disabled in this event to get rid of one 'rng'-factor.
While this means there are no potentially cool decaps there also wont be any annoying,'random' wristdms which i consider to be quite nice.
Since there are no dms this also means you can pull off moves which would not have been possible in normal lenshu.
You can now hit the ground with a lot of force without worrying about your wrist or elbow dming which increases the possibilties for a comeback or a save drastically.
If a player is inactive or tries to avoid the matches i will advance the player who has shown more effort contacting his opponent to the next round.
If someone cheats or if someone tries to bend the rules in his favours i will ban him from this event.
Just act as a mature person,follow the rules and have fun.

[SPOILER='some tipps']
-You have (almost) all the time in the world here, so dont rush yourself,take your time to set up your comeback/attack.
That being said,the player who can set up a comeback/attack more quickly will usually have the advantage.
-Blocking correctly is important,dont give the opponent points if u can avoid it.
Do not focus on blocking too much tho,rather focus on your attacks.
-Due to the nature of the rules one single match can either take a long time(if no player hits correctly or some serious blocking is going on) or it can be over in 1-2 good hits.
-Since dms are disabled in this event you dont have to worry about 'random' wrist dms which i consider quite convienent.

-If someone uses pure usertext and you can therefore not see the points of your opponent at all times just use a different shader and you can see the points again.You can find the shaders under tools in the menu.To go back to the original shader just load the shader.

7:31 - ОБЗОР TORIBASH - я твой рэгдолл шатал (Underground)
Загружено 4 апреля 2021
В данном обзоре из серии андерграунд мы повторно рассмотрим игру toribash.Но на этот раз чуть больше углубимся в тему и детальнее разберём механики и особенности игры.Так же затронем историю её разработки и поймём стоит ли она нашего времени.
Загружено 22 августа 2020
🎥 Разрешение: 720p
ℹ️ Источник:
Загружено 11 мая 2020
Моя группа ВК -
Загружено 5 мая 2020
Группа в ВК:
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эти приёмы я смотрел и делал и вам покозал

Browse more videos. Browse more videos. Subscribe pplz ) 0:15 i missed one thing 'EXTEND YOUR RIGHT ELBOW AND WRIST ' - sorry for this music: Tujamo Steve Aoki Chris Lake-Boneless. Browse more videos. Toribash is notable for its unique mix of fighting game and turn-based strategy based on ragdoll physics. Instead of commanding character to perform certain attacks or special moves, the players manipulate various joints on the character’s model. It includes relaxing, holding, contracting and extending. Visit Official Website. Just a small kick that won't work in Mushu multiplayer, but It is cool to show to your friends Must be on Mushu (duh) Lower BOTH Arms Contract BOTH Pecs Contract BOTH Elbows Contract BOTH Hips Space Extend Left Hip Extend Left Ankle Contract Left Knee Space x2 Extend Left Knee Press P Should.

3:56 - Обзор Toribash - Кукольный театр от мира файтингов (Underground)
Загружено 17 июля 2019
В данном видео мы посмотрим на такую игру,как Toribash.Рассмотрим её суть,геймплей,особенности,уникальные игровые механики.Также попробуем выяснить причину её непопулярности а так же выясним,а стоит ли вообще в это играть.
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11:37 - Toribash Replay 5.1
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Best Toribash Moves

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23:34 - Отмудохай своего начальника в Toribash #давайпопробуем
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Toribash Moves List

Toribash Mushu Moves
3:4 - Toribash - Va Va Voom
Загружено 17 января 2017

Toribash Boxshu Openers

3:8 - Toribash Parkour and Freerunning
Загружено 6 января 2017

Toribash Boxshu Mushu Moves


Toribash Moves Download

2:48 - Toribash - BEST OF THE BEST 2
Загружено 30 сентября 2016
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