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Toribash is a turn-based 3d 3rd person tactical martial arts fightning game using physics based attacks, created by Hampus Söderström, a Swedish software developer.Toribashwas a "Best Game Idea" finalist at the 2006 Swedish Game Awards.

The game is freeware, and is still under development with updates. A WiiWare version was released in the PAL region on July 9, 2010 and in North America on July 12, 2010.


The game is played by relaxing, holding, extending or contracting the various joints on your character and hitting the spacebar to advance time by a user-specified amount, the default being ten frames. When properly manipulated, one ragdoll will strike the other, and if enough damage is inflicted with a single blow, a limb or body part may be dismembered, or fractured. Through careful manipulation of the ragdoll's joints, arbitrarily complex attacks can be performed.

The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible during a fight by landing blows on the opponent's ragdoll, with points being awarded based on the amount of damage inflicted.

In most modes of play, another means of winning is causing the opponent's disqualification. This occurs when a disallowed body part (normally any part beside the hands, feet and wrists) touches the ground, or when any body part touches the ground outside the boundaries of a square or circular dojo.

There are a number of different play modes, based on the amount of frames per turn, lengths of matches, distances between opponents, gravity, and ease of dismemberment or fracture. There are also many different mods, both official and user-created. These mods can change the appearance or affect the motion of the ragdolls, and can add interactable objects to the environment.

The game also includes character customization (the appearance of heads, joints, and limbs may be changed), online multiplayer, a ghost showing a preview of what the current joint settings will do to the ragdoll, and the saving and sharing of replays. The online Multiplayer also has a ranking system for each belt, which ranges from the lowest belt (White Belt) to the highest belt (Elite Belt).

Players tend to move over to the online forum where they can login to buy and equip items of their choice, to join clans and organizations, and to participate in events.

Critical reception[]

Toribash has been reviewed by PC Gamer UK, PC Gamer, PC Format, and IGN receiving 87%, 68% 90% and 40% respectively.