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Follow the simple steps below to turn your Tractive GPS tracker on or off. To turn the tracker ON: Press the power button of the device for 3 seconds. You will hear two short ascending beeps and the LED will light up green for one second. The Tractive GPS DOG tracker enables you to view your dog's location from anywhere, anytime. Track your furry friend in real time without any distance limit. Access the location history on your smartphone and enjoy more fun features together with your pet. Tractive GPS trackers are built for four-legged comfort, safety. Perfect - you can easily track all of your pets simultaneously and in real time from within your account in the Tractive GPS app! However, it's important to note that each Tractive GPS tracker must be activated with its own subscription plan. It is not possible to 'link' more than one tracker to the same subscription plan. The reason for this? LIVE Tracking may be interrupted if: there is a weak or no mobile network signal with the Tractive GPS service providers, the tracker temporarily loses GPS signal, your phone, tablet, or computer loses internet connection or the LIVE Tracking session has ended automatically to conserve battery life.

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If you are stuck choosing between Fi and Tractive GPS, our comprehensive Fi vs. Tractive GPS comparison can help you pick the right pet tracker in no time. View their most important features below and discover which pet tracking solution is the winner of this comparison.

Advanced Pet Tracker With A Battery Life Of Up To 3 Months
Fast & Reliable GPS Pet Tracker
Fi tracker is a dog tracker designed to determine your pet's coordinates, help you locate him or her in case of a potential escape, and monitor his or her activity levels and daily, weekly, and monthly step goals.
  • GPS tracking through the LTE-M network + 3-month battery life
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity/Lost Dog Mode with red LED
  • Works in all US states and comes in 4 different sizes
  • Price: $149.00
  • Shipping: $
Tractive GPS is a GPS pet tracker that works in 150+ world countries. It lets you custom-define safe zones, sends instant alerts when your pet leaves the safe zone, and allows for real-time tracking.
  • Live tracking with location data updated every 2-3 seconds
  • Waterproof, shockproof, lightweight, and attractively designed
  • 12-month guarantee and free replacements during the service period
  • Price: $79.99
  • Shipping: $0 *
Fi tracker is a dog collar infused with numerous modern technologies, including GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It features a durable, chew-proof design with an IP-68 waterproof rating. Fi tracker uses the LTE-M network and provides you with global coverage. The battery can last up to 3 months.
GPS Pet Tracker
Fi tracker sports a sturdy, chew-proof design with the GPS tracking module located on the part that goes on your pet’s neck so that it can always face the sky for optimal signal coverage. The tracking module is held in place by a nylon band so you should not rely on Fi as a link for your dog’s leash. The collar comes with an IP-68 waterproof rating, which means it can even withstand salt water.
Fi tracker comes in 3 different sizes: - S - Neck <13”; - M – 13.5” - 16.5”; - L – 16' - 22.5”; - XL – 22' - 34.5”.
Fi tracker does not have a specific lifespan, but its IP-68 waterproof rating and chew-proof design should ensure longevity in spite of your dog’s potential mischief.
Tractive Gps TrackerFi tracker's main tracking features include:
  • 24/7 GPS tracking on the new LTE-M network, which allows you to keep track of your dog’s movements even when taken out by dog walkers or caretakers;
  • Geo-fencing, which enables you to create safe zones and receive instant notifications the moment your pet exits the defined perimeter. You can make as many safe zones as you want, which makes traveling with your pet much less stressful;
  • Lost Dog Mode, which switches the unit to live location tracking and activates the red pulsing LED light on the collar, alerting individuals that might see your pet and helping you locate him or her in low-visibility conditions.
Fi tracker helps you keep your dog active and healthy by monitoring his or her daily, weekly, and monthly step goals. You can also compare these reports with other dogs and monitor activity levels when you are not with your pet. You can always swipe to view past activities and tap the step count to toggle between Day, Week, and Month.
Fi tracker does not come with training assistance.
Fi tracker does not provide any additional features.
Fi tracker does not have a specific range since it starts using GPS tracking the moment it is out of range of your Fi base, Bluetooth signal or Fi app. Note that you need to purchase a subscription in order to activate remote tracking.
Up to 3 months
The Fi smartphone app (Android 6.0 and up; iOS 12.0 and up) will show your pet’s location in the primary view and you can scroll your area by swiping across the map and zoom in or out by pinching and pulling your fingers together or apart. The first initial represents your current location and your pet’s photo represents his or her coordinates. The two icons will attach to each other if you are together. The app allows you to activate the Lost Dog Mode and access Fi’s live chat support during the team’s regular business hours.
Fi tracker uses live GPS tracking on LTE-M, which is a low-power cellular network specifically designed for IoT devices. It also uses Wi-Fi when in the range of your home base and Bluetooth to communicate with other devices like Airpods, Fitbits, and others.
Fi tracker allows for 20-30% more coverage than regular 3G/LTE-based devices. It covers every state in the US.
Fi tracker costs $149 and it comes with 3 different subscription options: - 1 year - $99; - 2 years - $186; - 3 years - $248.
Fi tracker comes with a 30-day trial period.
Fi tracker comes with a 1-year warranty
Tractive GPS is a GPS pet tracker that works in 150+ world countries, offers live tracking with location information updated every 2-3 seconds, and allows you to create custom safe zones anywhere on the globe. It provides a multitude of unique tracking features and comes in a variety of stylish designs.
GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive Gps Tracker For Dogs Review

Tractive GPS pet tracker comes in the form of a rounded cuboid. It is rather small, measuring just 2 inches in height by 1.6 inches in width by 0.6 inches in depth. It can be attached to virtually any collar with the use of collar clips provided with the device. You can opt for the white Tractive GPS with a blue logo, the pink Tractive GPS with a white logo embellished with Swarovski crystals, and Tractive GPS - Hunters Edition with a black-on-olive camouflage pattern.
Tractive GPS does not come in different sizes and it fits most collars.
Tractive GPS is advertised as virtually indestructible and our tests have shown that it is highly resistant to impact. It can withstand immersion of up to 3 feet for 30 minutes, which makes it extraordinarily water resistant. It does come with a rechargeable battery, which means that its performance may be significantly diminished after several years of use.
Tractive GPS pet tracker’s vast range of tracking features includes:
  • Live tracking mode, with location information updated every 2-3 seconds;
  • Fully interactive map, which lets you switch between 4 different views, including regular map, hybrid, satellite image, and augmented reality;
  • Speed, which enables you to find out how fast your pet is moving;
  • Altitude, which allows you to discover the current altitude of the device from sea level;
  • Location history, which shows your pet’s previous positions in the form of a linear path on the map;
  • Virtual Fence, that is, the safe zone, which can be custom-defined and has a minimum radius of 164 feet;
  • Tracker Sharing, which allows you to share your pet’s location with your friends so they can aid you in your search.
Tractive GPS does not monitor pet activity.
Tractive GPS does not provide training assistance. The device comes with a built-in speaker that can be remotely activated, but this option is not available in the US and a number of other countries due to legal restrictions.
Tractive GPS pet tracker’s features are generally tracking-related. The few extra features include:
  • Battery status, which lets you keep track of the device’s battery level within the app, so you can recharge it on time or make haste if you are currently tracking your pet;
  • Buzzer function, which allows you to remotely activate the built-in speaker and locate your device more easily if you lose it – not available in the US.
Tractive GPS works over any distance within cellular coverage.
1.23 oz.
2-5 days, up to 8 hours with live tracking activated
Tractive GPS smartphone app is compatible with Android 4.1 and up and iOS 9.3 or later. It lets you track an unlimited number of pets. The app allows you to access your pet’s location information, turn on the live tracking mode and receive constant location updates, follow your pet using the interactive map, view location history, define safe zones, view tracker status, view battery status, and share your pet’s location with multiple users.
Tractive GPS connects to GPS satellites to keep track of your pet’s location. You can use WiFi or cellular data network to access location information via the Tractive GPS app.
Tractive GPS works in 150 countries worldwide, within cellular coverage.
White and Pink: $79.99 Hunters Edition: $99.99 Service Plan: Basic: $5.76 per month with the monthly subscription, $4.80 per month with the yearly subscription, and $4.33 per month with the 2-year subscription. Premium: $5.76 per month with the yearly subscription and $4.80 per month with the 2-year subscription.
Tractive GPS pet tracker comes with free shipping worldwide. All orders over $29.99 come with free shipping.
Tractive GPS does not come with a money-back guarantee. For exact details on Tractive's refund policy, please contact the support staff directly.
Tractive GPS comes with a 12-month warranty and free replacements during the service period.

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  • Submitted By Geoffrey Stanley on 12/10/2019
    The thing I like most about this app is that it has its own app where you can track your dog’s movement easily and without confusion. I’m not good with tech so it’s really important that know what I’m doing and fi tracker app made it easy. Another thing I like is that is not state limited so I can use it even when I take my dog traveling. We went hiking when we were at my boyfriend’s parents in Colorado and the app worked all the way even when we were high up and without a strong signal. I feel safe knowing my Penny is well taken care of.
  • Submitted By Jose Ball on 11/29/2019
    I very satisfied with the tracker except for the collar which didn’t last that long. I have two dogs one of them being very active. He likes to chew everything most of all his brother’s collar. Every time we go out both of my dog get very excited and while Ben knows how to sit down and wait for the leash, Roger gets unbearable while he jumps up and down and keeps biting his brother’s collar. Long story short the collar is all chewed up and has to be replaced. I was hoping it could withstand more.
  • Submitted By Delbert Gomez on 11/20/2019
    This Fi tracker is the best thing that has happened to me! My buddy and I take long walks around to the lake almost every day. He loves jumping into the water even when it’s cold outside and this tracker seems to be handling it very well. For me the battery lasted more than a month and a half and gps work even in the remote areas where coverage is not that good. The app is easy to read and it has the lost dog mode which is immediately activated in case anything bad happens. I feel much better ever since my dog started wearing it.
  • Submitted By Tommie Mccoy on 11/02/2019
    I always wondered what would I do if Charlie, that’s my dog, would to run away when we were traveling. I would love to take him anywhere with me but I don’t know how he’ll react to new environments so I leave him with my mom and dad mostly. And it was tearing my heart. I did a little research and found that Fi Tracker enables whole country coverage in case you and your pet leave the state. I’ve recently bought it I was amazed by how long the battery lasts, I didn’t need to charge it yet and it has been almost a month. Finally, I was able to take Charlie on a road trip, we went to see my parents is Vioming for a test drive. I was tracking our movement on the app the whole time we were there. Couldn’t be happier!
  • Submitted By August Redfern on 12/09/2019
    I recommend Tracative GPS to everyone because it covers a number of countries all over the world so you don’t have to worry you will lose your pet no matter where you go, it doesn’t rely on one phone network alone, it has tons of perks and awesome features, it has a one year guarantee and you can track your pet in real time. All these things play key role at least they do for me and I think that every tracking device should provide the same.
  • Submitted By Jayce Daniels on 12/01/2019
    I think it is fairly priced considering all the features and benefits you get with tracative. I opted for premium service since there’s not much difference in the price but you get more benefits that really come in handy once you need them. It is true that you can’t buy monthly subscription with premium package, only 2 year plan, but I think that it pays out and makes no sense to renew it every month if you plan on using it anyways.
  • Submitted By Karam Cotton on 11/20/2019
    I like that Tracitive is not restricted to just one cell network so there’s no problem with the coverage. I installed the app on both my cell and computer so I can access it whenever it is the most convenient. The app is great and stores location, location history, you can see battery status and activate the safe zone. You can use it for more than one dog and have everything in one place. If your dog leaves the safe zone you planed for him you get instant notification and that is when live tracking really comes in handy because you can immediately see where your dog has gone and find him before anything happens.
  • Submitted By Misbah Mayo on 11/17/2019
    What convinced me to by this tracker is that it has live tracking mode instead of waiting for the data to get transferred. It can mean the difference between a life or death situation if your dog gets loose and runs away somewhere where the traffic is crazy or if it’s too hot or too cold outside. The tracking is easy because the app shows you the map you can easily follow and you can see your dog’s movements. Just make sure you keep live tracking on when you go for a walk or in the area you don’t know. You never know what can happen so better come prepared.

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Fi tracker is a modern pet tracker primarily designed to locate lost dogs and monitor their location and activity levels on a daily basis. The collar comes packed with numerous impressive features and has a battery that can last up to 3 months. Read this honest and comprehensive Fi tracker review to learn more and see if the unit works for you.