Transcription Of Police

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Unlike any other transcription services, the law enforcement and police transcription have a set of unique challenges that the transcriptionists take forth to deliver quality content. Remember, the material is highly confidential and therefore demands quick turnaround, which only a.

Transcription Of Police

Confidential Transcription & Translation Services

  • Industry Leading Law Enforcement and Police Transcription Services Get your officers and investigators out from behind their desks and stop paying overtime for them to type reports. Officers can dictate their notes or reports much faster than typing or handwriting them.
  • With SpeakWrite’s law enforcement transcription solutions, Law Enforcement Officers and Investigators gets access to our unlimited typist capacity 24/7 – at a cost much less than in-house resources or the expense of the officer/investigator’s valuable time. Time consuming report creation is offloaded from Officers, resulting in immediate reductions in backlog and overtime.
  • The transcripts of audio/video recordings of police interrogations help investigators and prosecutors make informed decisions regarding what was said during the interview. Police interrogations transcription should be done properly the first time itself so that only minimal or no changes need to be made to the transcripts.
  • WILLIAMS: Well, the transcript provides a more complete sense of what's being said by who and at what point. The bystander video that we've - that's been widely seen doesn't really fully capture.

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies throughout the country have proven that using our Web-based transcription solution reduces their transcription backlog while saving them a significant amount of time, money and department resources.

Law Enforcement Transcription At Home

For all of your transcription needs, or just your overflow, Net Transcripts can provide your department with the ability to free up and utilize your department’s staff for more productive activities, and do so at a substantially lower cost than having these service performed in-house. This is especially true when considering employee benefits and overhead costs.

Transcription Of Police Officer

Our service is as easy to use as the click of a mouse, with no investment or up-front costs of any kind, and no minimum usage requirements or service commitments.