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Need options for transcription for beginners? General transcription is something you can do to earn money from home that does not always require experience or an education to get started, although those things don't hurt.

However, learning to do the work fast and efficiently will likely take some time because it's not as easy as most people think it will be at first.

In case you're not familiar with it, transcription basically involves listening to an audio file and typing out what you hear. Below, we've shared with you a handful of ways to get started in transcription as a complete beginner!

Transcription Facts

Daily Transcription is seeking to strengthen their transcription team. We are looking for experienced, quality-focused transcribers in the area of post-production. We have continuing positions with flexible hours. Right now we are in a very busy season with lots of work to be handed out. Transcription is the process of copying a segment of DNA into RNA. The segments of DNA transcribed into RNA molecules that can encode proteins are said to produce messenger RNA (mRNA). Other segments of DNA are copied into RNA molecules called non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs).

  • Work may not be steady, so spread yourself around and do work for more than just one company if it looks like you won't have enough to stay busy.
  • Companies that hire beginners often don't pay as well as companies that require experience, so the money you earn may end up being just extra cash.
  • The companies listed below will require you to take a skills test before they will accept you to do the work, just to gauge your ability to follow instructions and your typing speed.

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Transcription For Beginners

1. Quicktate

Quicktate is one of the most companies that offer transcription for beginners, and also one of the most respected. Pay ranges from 1/4 to 1/2 cent per word transcribed and pay is via Paypal twice a month.

You have to take a test when you sign up and if you do well you should hear back eventually. Also, Quicktate will do a background check on you prior to hiring you due to the sensitive nature of some of the files you may be transcribing. The cost for this is $15.

Go here to apply or here to read our review of Quicktate.

2. Scribie

Scribie, which used to be known by the name of Call Graph, is another option. However, they are also one of the lowest-paying companies on this list, offering only $10 per audio hour.

When you apply, you'll have to take a transcription test before you're “in.” Scribie pays via Paypal and you only need $1 in your account to cash out, which makes me think this might be a good go-to site when you need some extra cash in a pinch.

Go here to apply to Scribie or read our full review of their opportunity.


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3. TranscribeMe

Many of my readers use this site regularly (when there is work available). They pay $20 an audio hour and signing up is easy. Take a short exam that gets graded automatically (the exam is easy) and if you pass with good enough accuracy, you are in the system and can start transcribing.

You only do very short eight to ten second audio files, and they pay every week with Paypal.

TranscribeMe is also one of many jobs that pay weekly you can do from home.

Go here to apply at TranscribeMe or read our review of the company.

4. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is a legit transcription company that will hire beginners, although you do have to take a skills test first.

You work based on a schedule that they provide for you after you tell them when you're available on a weekly basis. Most of the work involves transcribing financial conference calls.

They pay $0.005/word for beginning transcribers on basic audio and up to $0.0066/word for difficult or foreign audio done by senior transcribers. Pay is monthly via check or wire transfer. They are open to the US and Canada.

Go here to apply at AccuTran Global or go here to read our review.

5. Rev

Rev has been around for a few years now and are known for hiring beginners, although their skills test that you must initially take can be difficult to pass. According to the site, some transcribers are able to earn over $200 monthly, making this an option for extra cash.

They also offer video captioning work.

Go here to apply at Rev or read our Rev review here.

6. Tigerfish

Tigerfish is another well-known transcription company that will consider hire beginners, and they have been around for a long time.

They pay 3 to 4 cents per line transcribed and you must download and transcribe some audio files as a test, which will involve downloading the Express Scribe software (free).

You can go here to apply at Tigerfish or here to read our review.

7. Daily Transcription

This company claims they're always on the lookout for either skilled or novice transcribers.

You can work full- or part-time for this company, and they prefer if you can be “on call” since assignments come and go. They are not able to guarantee you'll have a set amount of work each week. They require a resume and transcription testing is mandatory for all applicants.

You can go here to apply at Daily Transcription.

8. Freelance Sites

Amazon mTurk and Upwork are a few other freelance sites to use for work. Please keep in mind that finding transcription work on these sites is not a guarantee and the rate you'll be working for will vary depending on the client.

Amazon MTurk offers a great way to “practice” transcription without having to actually apply to a specific company. If you have an account, you can try some easy transcription HITs on there just to get a feel for how it works.

SpeechInk is one requester on MTurk that often puts transcription HITs up. You can also just type “transcription” into the search bar on MTurk to find other companies with transcription HITs.

Keep in mind that some of these requesters will ask that you either take a short, easy test before attempting their work or will ask that you request a qualification from them.

Are you serious about pursuing a career in transcription?

If you don't know a lot about transcribing from home and are very curious about doing this as your career, I recommend Transcription Foundations – a free 7-lesson mini-course that teaches you all about general transcription, how much you can earn, where to find work, and more. Good luck!

Post originally published on October 5, 2011. Updated and re-published on March 25, 2020.

You knew for sure that working at home is a fast-growing trend.

It is one of the reasons why there is no shortage when it comes to online courses.

Transcribe Anywhere is one of the in-demand courses when it comes to transcription.

However, if you plan to take this course, have you ever asked if it will be worthy of your money.

In this review, you will know if you can trust Transcribe Anywhere or not.


  • 1 What do you know about Transcribe Anywhere?

What do you know about Transcribe Anywhere?

As far as transcription is a concern, Transcribe Anywhere is a course created by Janet Shaughnessy. It focuses on online transcription; thus, if you want to learn about transcription, this course fits you. This course can help individuals that have an interest in building a successful career in transcription writing. If you find it interesting to develop your career as a transcriptionist, this course can be of great help.

Transcribe Anywhere is one of the great courses in transcription. You will get plenty of resources and materials that its creator, Janet Shaughnessy, created. She got this from her more than ten years of experience being a professional transcriber. Transcribe Anywhere has given in-depth information through text documents presented in the course and videos.

Who is the creator of Transcribe Anywhere?

Janet Shaughnessy, an entrepreneur, created this course out of her experience. She started working from home after her husband became disabled. But then she was delighted to be able to find the type of balance in life that has been longing for in her life. Currently, she is now the wonder of a transcription industry which she was able to build after ten years of experience.

Way back the year 2007, Janet began her career as a medical transcriptionist, and she also transcribes for general transcription. Years of experience past and she was able to get great professional experiences as a transcriptionist from various agencies and companies. Becoming confident that she can start her own, she did by building the Zoom Transcription.

While being successful as a transcriptionist, and as an owner of the company, she wanted to help people who are interested in transcription and who wish to have a career in transcription writing. So in 2015, she launched her course – Transcribe Anywhere.

Enrolling in Transcribe Anywhere, Janet guarantees that you can create your online transcribing carrier after finishing all the training materials. I think if you are a newbie and you want a legitimate way to learn about transcription, this course is perfect for you.

What are the contents of the Transcribe Anywhere?

The course is composed of the general transcription and legal transcription. For the general transcription, there are six modules for general transcription and 16 modules for legal transcription.

For general transcription:

Module 1

The first module is all about the foundation – you will learn about the right equipment necessary for the job. You will be able to know the difference between the general transcription styles, such as standard and strict verbatim. You will also be acquainted with the types of general transcription jobs and how to format your transcript.

Module 2

The second module consists of the essential skills that a transcriptionist should possess to excel in transcription. In this module, you will learn about punctuation and spelling. You will also be knowledgeable about how to transcribe numbers. Aside from this, you will get to know the conventions for miscellaneous transcription and the critical thinking skills necessary for transcribing.

Module 3

This module consists of information about tools for transcription that will save you a lot of time. You will learn how to use the text expanders as well as the shortcut keys, including the top 102 frequently used English phrases. Besides, you will know the commonly used notes for a transcriptionist. You can spell-check, replace, or search for a particular word. It is worth knowing the modern usage of the notes. I like learning the templates, including the downloadable ones. Time coding is also another necessary thing to know about transcribe Anywhere.

Module 4

Module four is all about practicing dictations. It includes each level, whereas, for level 1 is a practice dictation for clear audio and a short video. The level 2 practice dictation applies for audio files only and non-American accents. The 3rd level is transcribing the style of a strict verbatim and level 4, for multiple speakers. The 5th level practice is for poor audio quality and the research skills that also play essential skills in research. The next practice for the sixth level is working with the time codes. For the last practice dictation, it is for poor audio and has foreign accents.

Module 5

In this module, I am sure that you will be guided on how to build your business. There will be a guide on how to set up your transcription business at home. You will be guided when it comes to income and rates. You will be able to develop your business plan and the very essence of customer service. Also, connect with your clients and SEO, AdSense, and everything. It is also worth knowing the top business for local marketing available in the business directory. There is a bonus lesson for marketing, and that is how you will create a how-to video.

Module 6

The last module is for you to complete the final exam for the general transcription. It is also a challenging road and gets certified after you complete it.

Below are the modules for legal transcription:

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Module 1

In this module, you get an introduction to legal transcription. It is a sort of overview and information about the general duties of a legal transcriptionist.

Module 2

In module 2, you will learn the tools necessary for transcription of legal documents. SO, you will get an idea of the right equipment for your job. You will also get a printable guide for legal transcription style. Besides, you will get to practice in the given transcription exercise.

Module 3

In this module, you will get some legal terminology and even Latin. There are also over 80 pages of terms and phrases for legal transcription, and these are all downloadable.

Module 4

You will learn some essential skills for a legal transcription job, such as spelling, numbers, abbreviations, punctuation, and capitalization.

Module 5

In this module, you will know the standard notations for a transcriptionist. You will get to learn spell check, modern usage notes, and search and replace tool. It also includes the shortcut keys. There are also screenshots and tutorials through video.

Module 6

For this module, you will get an introduction to transcription coming from the Law Office. You will learn about letters and memos. Also, you will find out how to transcribe EBTs. It means Examination Before Trial. It is also interesting to learn to transcribe the consultations of a client to the lawyer, including the property deeds.

Module 7

For this module, you will get to know the legal process as well as the court procedure. It is worth knowing the definitions and descriptions of each type of law. The steps in any criminal case will also guide you. Furthermore, it is interesting to learn about the anatomy of the court transcription.

Module 8

It is all about forms and templates in this module – you will find sample templates from the court. You will even get a template and instructions for a numbered line blank pleading paper. Apart from this, you will learn about the state and the approved legal forms for federal court.

Module 9

In this module, you will get to practice transcribing court proceedings. You will get the guidelines for a court transcript. It includes video tutorials. I like the practice trial transcriptions; you will develop your skills.

Module 10

For this module, you will get a guideline for transcribing the depositions, and it includes the template. There is also deposition practice to help you learn better.

Module 11

In this module, we will get an overview of a law enforcement transcription. You will also get some files for practice.

Module 12

For this module, you will get the vital information for transcribing conferences and legal association meeting. What I like about this module is the exercise given for practice.

Module 13

In this module, you will learn about time coding in doing legal transcription. You will learn how to insert time codes in a particular legal document. There is a video tutorial for this, which is excellent. You will love the time code transcription files for your practice.

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Module 14

Transcription Reddit Freelance

In this module, you will learn about resources. It includes writing styles and guides. You will also learn about legal and medical supplies.

Module 15

This module is a test of all the learning that you get from module 1 to 14.

Module 16

For this module, it is time to build your business. You will ha vena idea of how much a legal transcriptionist cane earn. You will also know the essential things to give excellent customer service. You will learn to develop your business plan and advertising tips, including website creation, social media, connecting with clients, and others. You will find the local marketing in the directories and as to where to find contract work. Aside from this, you will learn about SEO, AdSense, and any more. It is another opportunity to expand your business.

Is Transcribe Anywhere Legit?

Yes, Transcribe Anywhere is not a scam; it is 100% legit.

Medical Transcription Reddit

I know that with so many companies that offer transcription writing service, there are still companies that are scams. But the good thing is that not all of them are scams. Transcribe Anywhere is different than them because it is entirely legit.

Rev Transcription Reddit

With plenty of scams nowadays, it is a healthy skepticism. So, I do hope that after reading this review, you will become confident that you are on the right course. So, I can recommend this to you.

What is my verdict on Transcribe Anywhere?

Transcribe Anywhere is an excellent course to learn at your own pace. Through this course, you will learn to develop a business plan and market your product. With the help of Janet’s experience for more than ten years, you will get an accurate knowledge of a real professional transcriptionist. Transcribe Anywhere is a very excellent beginning if you want to start your career as a transcriber. In this course, the creator gives everything that you need to start your transcription career or transcription business. All you have to is to stick to the course and complete your assignments on time.