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Yasuo Kuniyoshi Papers, Artists' Equity Association - Meeting Minutes, Reports, Speeches, 1947-1952


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Yasuo Kuniyoshi (1889-1953) was a Japanese-American painter, printmaker and photographer based in New York, N.Y. Born in Okayama, Japan, Kuniyoshi came to the United States in 1906 and over the next several years studied art in California and New York at the Los Angeles School of Art and Design, the National Academy of Design, the Independent School of Art, and the Art Students League. By 1930 Kuniyoshi had established himself as an internationally known painter and graphic artist. Help transcibe Kuniyoshi's papers to learn more about his life, his art career, and the Japanese-Amercian experience in the 20th century. PLEASE NOTE: Some material in this collection is in Japanese, Chinese, or other non-English languages. Please transcribe all content in the language it was originally written in.