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JIRA vs Trello: Pricing Info. If you're comparing Trello vs JIRA software in terms of their plans, it's pretty hard to come up with a clear winner today. Until recently, their plans was one of the bigger differences between JIRA and Trello, since JIRA didn't provide a free plan in their plans.

Trello for Jira Server is the easiest way for you team to: Create new Jira Server tickets from within Trello; Link work items in Trello to their corresponding Jira Server ticket; Monitor the status of Jira Server tickets without leaving Trello. Trello and Jira both are good project management tools, they will help your project in many aspects. According to statistics from PWC, one of the largest audit and consulting companies, most projects die precisely because of poor communications, incomprehensible to the executor of tasks, and misunderstanding or lack of company goals.

Trello Integration With Jira

Enabling the Jira Power-Up

To enable the Power-Up, open the board menu on the right side of the page, select the Power-Ups menu option, and then click the 'enable' button next to the Jira Cloud Power-Up.

Note: The Jira Power-Up works with Jira Cloud and Jira Server/Data Center (has to be accessible from the internet).

Trello Jira

Authenticating with Jira

Once the Power-Up is enabled for the board, each individual user will need to authenticate their Jira account from within Trello. Click on the 'Jira' button on the upper right hand side of the board:

* If you're connecting to a Jira Server, you'll first need to install the Trello Connector for Jira Server app to your Jira Server. However, please be aware that your Jira Server has to be accessible on the public internet and not be behind SSO (Single Sign-On).

When you click on the 'Connect to Jira', you'll be prompted to authorize Trello to access your Jira account:

Using the Power-Up

The Jira Power-Up has the following capabilities:

  • Ability to attach a Jira issue to a card.
  • Ability to create a Jira issue from a card
  • Ability to track status of an issue from the front of the card

Trello Jira Power Up

Attaching issues

To attach a Jira issue to a card, you can either paste the Jira URL on top of a card, create a URL attachment on the card using the URL to the Jira resource, or use the card's Power-Up button on the sidebar of the card:

When you select 'Attach a recent issue' from the Power-Up button in the card's menu, this will show your most recent issues and projects. If you would like to attach an issue that isn't displayed in that list, you can add the URL for that issue as an attachment to the card, and the Power-Up will still display the information from Jira correctly.

Creating an issue

Jira Trello Sync

Likewise, you can use this same button to create a new issue in a Jira project using the card's title and description.

When you select 'Create issue from this card', a new issue will either be created in the background then attached to your card or a create issue tab will open. This behavior varies depending on how your Jira is configured. After you've created the issue, the issue will automatically be attached to your card:

Removing a Jira instance from your board


If for some reason, you no longer want a Jira instance attached to your board, you can open up the Power-Up panel in the right sidebar, look for the Jira Cloud Power-Up, then select the gear icon:

Import trello to jira

A popup menu will appear. Select the 'Edit Power-Up Settings':

Atlassian Tool Suite

To remove the Jira instance you no longer want linked, click the 'Remove' link.

Disabling the Power-Up

In the same edit menu above, you can select 'Remove Personal Settings' in order to log out of your Jira account in Trello.

Trello Jira Power Up

Likewise, if you no longer want to use the Power-Up, you can click on the Disable button in the Power-Up sidebar. Note, this will remove the Power-Up for all users using this board.