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I have no idea what it is and I don't remember downloading anything like it. After a quick search on Google and around the support forum I figured out that it has something to do with Bootcamp, which I DO have, but again, I've never noticed Tuxera NTFS, nor do I recall downloading it. Tuxera NTFS – 2016 latest – Own operating systems Windows NTFS file system can also work in Mac environments with the proper tools. Tuxera is a program that provides support for reading and writing of NTFS in Mac disks.

Last week we celebrated our winter party at Tuxera. Our internal party committee always makes sure that every year we do something different and memorable this day, where the table tennis tournament is the only constant.

This year another tournament was also played at the office: Texas Hold ’em poker. Since we spend a lot of time working with each other, it was very hard to bluff in front of our colleagues :). Nevertheless, as the computer scientist Randy Pausch said:

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.

Those who did not win in any of the tournaments had the chance to recoup and burn off adrenaline at Salmisaari sports center with boxing and other activities. We did enough exercise to get us hungry and in the mood for some dinner and cocktails at Kokomo Tikibar in the center of Helsinki.

We can’t deny that winter conditions are hard in Finland. Having these type of events internally is not just a way for us to cope with the winter, but they are also great for team bonding, a perfect mood booster, and a fantastic way to celebrate together our achievements. Thank you!

With the release of MacOS Sierra by Apple, you might have opted to update your Mac machine with that new OS especially if your gadget ecosystem revolves on the Apple-sphere of things. Upon completing the long wait of downloading the OS update and its installation, you may think at first that everything seems to work fine. Once you attached your NTFS hard drive thinking it will be a routine access to your files, you notice that it goes back to a 'read-only' file explorer view even if you have Tuxera installed.
Tuxera 2016I got my copy of Tuxera from purchasing Toshiba's external USB3.0 hard drives that included the said software, specifically the Canvio Connect II. The drive is a sweet deal for the price + Tuxera, especially the fact that it doesn't care whether you use your Toshiba external drive or any other brand (boooo to WD and Seagate).
What I initially did and the error I got
The usual course of action to fix Tuxera after a major MacOS software update is to just reinstall it. So I have a copy of the '.dmg' installer of Tuxera somewhere within my directories and proceeded to run it. Once the installer was mounted and clicked on the installer icon, I suddenly got this error prompt about an 'Error 1 while launching Tuxera NTFS...'.
At first I thought that my installer was perhaps corrupted so I accessed the installer inside my Toshiba HDD, but that was an older variant (2014 I think). When I used that version and after the installer ran smoothly, as expected it didn't work on Sierra.
I initially sought help from Tuxera (via email support) but they told me to ask Toshiba for a solution/fix. Not seeing an email support from Toshiba US, I tried their Twitter account to no avail as well. This left me no choice but to MacGyver my way out of this predicament.
The Fix
This guide of mine is to fix your Tuxera installation on your MacOS Sierra if your license came from your Toshiba HDD.
Step 1a: Go to the support page of Toshiba and download the updated Tuxera for Mac installer

The installer published in this support website will only work if you own any of the following Toshiba external hard drives:
  • Canvio Connect and Connect II (HDTC7 and HDTC8 series)
  • Canvio Slim and Slim II (HDTD1 and HDTD2 series)
  • Canvio AeroMobile (HDTQ112XCWF1)
  • Canvio AeroCast (HDTU110XKWC1)
This installer of Tuxera (2015.2 version) will work on both El Capitan and Sierra.
Step 1b: Specify a different download destination for the Tuxera for Mac installer
When downloading the '.dmg' installer, don't just save it in your 'Downloads' folder. I suggest you save it to your 'Desktop'. This is an important step as this is somewhat related to the error.
Step 2: Disable Gatekeeper
To disable Gatekeeper and 'Allow apps from anywhere', follow the instructions from this website...

Step 3: Run the installer
TuxeraOnce you have finished downloading the Tuxera installer and saved it elsewhere (your Desktop), mount and run the installer as normally as you would in previous versions.
Step 4: Keep your Toshiba external HDD at-hand
When you're already inside the installer and doing the usual clicking of the 'Next' button, connect your Toshiba external HDD. This will enable the Tuxera installer to detect the hardware and activate the Toshiba-Tuxera license.
Step 5: Restart your Mac and enjoy

Tuxera 2016.1

Yes you need to restart it so that it will properly load and use the NTFS driverKey
The reason behind the error
TuxeraAfter much digging on why the said installer kept giving me that error was because of a particular feature that Apple included in the Sierra OS, which is something called the 'Gatekeeper'.
The purpose of the Gatekeeper was to provide another means of security to prevent users from using installers that may contain malicious workarounds/exploits. It also generates a random file path for the application to be installed wherein I'm not really sure why but it is also part of the security and application digital signing.
The Tuxera 2015.2 version was published for the El Capitan didn't have that Gatekeeper functionality. When you run the same installer in MacOS Sierra and the '.dmg' installer was saved inside the Downloads folder, this will screw-up the packaging of the Tuxera installer as it doesn't play ball with that Gatekeeper.

Tuxera Ntfs 2016