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  1. Twitch App Dark Mode Keeps Turning Off
  2. How To Put Twitch In Dark Mode

Hey Gamer! Welcome to the Gaming world. We are so excited to introduce you to the online games streaming service-Twitch. You must have used other services too and by now you have realized that their features are yet to reach the features of Twitch like Twitch Dark Mode.

If you ask about the proof, you can see a top gamer like Pewdiepie streaming on Twitch where his millions of followers watch the game.

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Why use Twitch Dark Mode?

It's strange, try to launch the app from the 'Recommended App' section and not from the 'App List'. I tell you this because, despite the fix, sometimes the Twitch App still switching to 'Ambient Mode'. I've also tried to remove the App. Maybe we have to wait for an update! The Twitch app now supports both a light and dark mode, you can switch between light and dark mode in your app settings! ▲ Back to Top Purchase Bits and Subs Supporting your favourite streamers has never been easier with our purchase flow for Bits and Subscriptions via the Android app.

For every apps and software, you will see Dark Mode is in trend.

  1. I turn on dark mode every time but it never saves it. Every time I open twitch again after closing it it's back to white. I'll be able to stay up tonight and catch it'. Unfortunately it turns out that the twitch mobile app says 12:00am is the end of the day instead of the beginning, so sunday 12:00am is actually monday 12:00am.
  2. Ans: Twitch dark mode is brought by the Twitch along with mobile steaming, swipe surfing, and many other features. Among all the features, dark mode is unique because it converts the visual experience into a different theme and concept, which ultimately liked by the user.
  3. My twitch desktop app for windows just updated. Chat & channel are in white but follows are in black. Edit: i found it. The update just unchecked the dark mode box in the box that says '.

It not only makes you appear trendy but soothes your eye as well. Who likes to strain their eyes due to the bright screen? No one, right?

It’s not that you will be needing Dark Mode for everything you use on your screen. But the point is, watching on the screen for long hours can hamper your eyeballs and sleep quality.

The extreme brightness of the screen at night makes your brain understand that it is day and thus you will be less likely to go to the bed. Got it, great!

At leastenable the dark mode for the addictive apps or the one you tend to use for long hours.

It’s time to jump to the darker theme.

How to enable Twitch Dark Mode on Browser?

Here is the step-by-step guide to getting Twitch Dark Mode enabled. Follow these carefully.

  • Click on the link to visit Twitch website
  • Sign in your Twitch account putting correct credentials.
  • On the top right corner, enter the same username you used for signing in.
  • Select Dark Mode through the drop-down menu.
  • Now, the entire interface will turn dark leaving menus and sidebars as it is. Here is a screenshot of how it will look like after you are done.

Here is your NEW APPEARANCE.

Hopefully, this way you enjoy playing games for longer without putting your eyes into stress.

Here is the difference between light and dark themes. It is up to you which one you find more comfortable to go with.

How To Enable Twitch Dark Mode on Android/iOS?

Are you using an Android/iOS device? No issues. You can get the night mode on there as well.

  • Install and open the Twitch app on your device.
  • If you are signed out, do sign in again with the same account.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Tap on Enable Dark Mode.

Great! You just got the Twitch Dark Mode on your device. Pretty easy, no?

Twitch App Dark Mode Keeps Turning Off

To Sum Up

We explained everything you required to know about Twitch Dark Mode. Is there something we missed out on? Your suggestions are welcome!

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How to enable Twitch dark mode, is this what you are looking for on the web then this article is for you. Twitch is a highly popular online gaming streaming app and recently many settings are added to it, that allows the user to set it up as per their requirements.

So, today in this article I am talking about the latest feature – Twitch dark mode, that many users are wondering how to enable or disable.

Undoubtedly Twitch is very addictive and the developers have decided to add dark mode in the user’s interface.

Well, the dark mode in keeping with the trend just like many applications, web browsers and operating systems. For instance, Windows is having its own dark mode and the user can easily switch between the dark and the light mode easily. And now in the latest Mac OS, the dark mode is also available.

Moreover, switching to dark mode is pretty easy, and here I’ll walk you through the exact steps to enable dark mode in Twitch.

What is Twitch Dark Mode?

The Twitch dark mode is the dark theme and it can be set in the menu option or inside the app’s settings.

The dark mode is an extra mode that is utilized to display dim surfaces on the User Interface. In the dark mode, the light conveyed by the device screens is reduced by possessing up base covering different quantities needed for fluency.

How Do I Enable Twitch Dark Mode?

1 – In Android Twitch Mobile App:

If you are using Twitch on the Android Phone, then follow the ways to enable the dark theme.

  • First, open the twitch app on your Android phone.
  • And if you are signed out then sign in using your credentials.
  • Now on the top left side click on the profile icon.
  • Then scroll down to the account’s settings option.
  • And in the settings, click on the preferences option
  • Under the preferences option, you will see enable dark mode button click on it to enable the dark mode on twitch.

2 – In iOS Twitch Mobile App:

If using the Twitch application on the iOS device then follow the steps given to learn how to enable dark mode.

  • First, open the Twitch app on your iOS devices.
  • Then go to the profile setups choices > and other alternatives > select dark setting toggle for switching to the dark setting
  • And now the Twitch dark mode is enabled in your iOS application.

3 – Enable Dark Mode on Twitch website

Enabling Twitch dark mode on the browser is the easiest and the fastest way. So, if you are using Twitch on PC with your favourite browser then follow the steps given to do so:

So, to activate dark mode on twitch follow the ways given:

  • Open the browser on your system > go to the visit
  • Once you visit the twitch website then login to it using your credential.
  • Now from the top right corner > locate the profile icon > click on it.
  • Next, choose the options button > click enable Dark Theme button.

4 – Enable Dark Mode on Twitch via Extension

For Google Chrome

Another easy way for activating dark mode on Twitch in chrome browser is to activate an extension on your browser.

In the Chrome browser – install the dark mode extension. And as the extension is installed on your chrome browser then turn it on and that’s it your dark mode is activated on Twitch.

For Mozilla Firefox

Now if you are using a Mozilla Firefox browser, then also you can access the Twitch dark mode by installing an extension on your Firefox browser.

In the Firefox Browser – install the dark mode extension and enable it.

How To Put Twitch In Dark Mode

And now the Twitch is in dark mode and this setting is also used for other websites also if required.

For Microsoft Edge

Now for the edge browser users, they can also install a dark mode extensionon their Edge browser. After that enable the extension and that it now enjoys watching twitch in dark mode as well as other websites.

So, these are some of the different ways that allow you to use Twitch dark mode or enable dark mode on Twitch.

How to Disable Dark Mode in Twitch?

Moreover, if you don’t like the Twitch dark mode much or the dark mode is enabled by default on the desktop website. Then here learn how to disable dark mode on Twitch,

Follow the steps to do so:

  • First login to the twitch website or the app using your credential.
  • Next, navigate to the Settings Profile page.
  • And tap on the dark mode toggle button to disable the dark mode feature

And that’s it now the dark mode on Twitch is disabled and light mode is enabled on your twitch app or website page


So, this is all about the dark mode on Twitch.

And it is estimated, you found all the information related to Twitch dark mode in the guide.

As you know there are various different ways to enable dark mode on Twitch here I have presented all the solutions to do so. Moreover, you can also disable the dark mode on twitch by following the steps given.

Hope the guide works for you to solve all your queries but if still there is anything that I missed out then feel free to share with us on our Facebook page.

Good Luck..!

Twitch app dark mode

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