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Twitch I Am Charles Leclerc

  • Charles Leclerc. Formula 1 driver for @scuderiaferrari.
  • Charles Leclerc vs Manuelito Hell Raton Il meglio del Live Twitch Il meglio della live Twitch direttamente dalla stanza gaming di Casa Sky Wifi, dov.

Formula One Driver in the real World. Formula One Driver in the virtual World too though.

Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc has taken on a second career as a Twitch streamer during the coronavirus pandemic, but he ran into a hilarious problem at home during a recent broadcast. While playing Dirt Rally, Leclerc had his headphones on and couldn’t hear that his girlfriend was trying to enter his apartment.

Fortunately, Leclerc was paying attention to his Twitch chat, where viewers can interact with him – but there was another hurdle. Leclerc, as many big streamers commonly do, restricted the chat to subscriber-only mode, which reduces the amount of overall messages and forces viewers to subscribe if they want to chat. His girlfriend had to subscribe to his channel and then send him a message on his stream to open up the door after waiting nearly a half hour. The moment Leclerc realized what was happening was priceless.

Twitch Charles Leclerc

Resume of the stream:

My girlfriend had to buy a subcription to my Twitch to be able to ask me in the channel chat if I could open her the front door. She waited 25 mins downstairs as I couldn't hear my phone, I had the headphones and was very focus on my rally race😂

Charles Leclerc Twitch Setup

— Charles Leclerc (@Charles_Leclerc) May 16, 2020
— Ferid (@feridm_46) May 16, 2020

Twitch Charles Leclerc

Maybe put the phone on vibrate next time, Charles!

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Twitch Charles Leclerc 16

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