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Escape from Tarkov, a hardcore first-person shooter, takes place in a fictional Russian city torn apart by rival private military companies.

Escape From Tarkov Drops List

  1. Escape from Tarkov made a great hit after their Twitch campaign from last year. The campaign surprisingly went really viral, resulting in a big number of fans for this game. After the last year’s Twitch campaign, Escape From Tarkov is back again with another treat for the players.
  2. Special Twitch Rivals 2020 mask (Rivals) is a Face cover item in Escape from Tarkov.
  3. Escape from Tarkov Seen Fri, Apr 23 at 1:30. EN Escape from Tarkov Seen Fri, Apr 23 at 21:00. This site is not affiliated with Twitch or any of.

How to claim Escape from Tarkov Twitch Drops in June 2020

Escape from Tarkov is back in the limelight when it comes to the streaming world. Starting last week, Twitch and EFT teamed up to deliver Twitch Drops on certain streamers’ channels. This is a fairly common practice nowadays, as Valorant gave Closed Beta access the same way. However, instead of one-time rewards, viewers can earn multiple rewards in all shapes and sizes. These drop prizes can then be used on your personal Escape from Tarkov account, provided you’ve taken the correct steps. If you’re wondering what those steps are, keep reading to figure out how you can claim this round of Twitch Drops.
Claiming the Twitch Drops for Escape from Tarkov
If you’ve participated in Twitch Drops or Twitch Prime rewards before, then you probably already know what to do. Though, if you’re new to this process or need a refresher, follow these steps to ensure you don’t miss out on any rewards.

First up, you’ll need to connect your Battlestate Games account with your Twitch account. This can be done in the “Connections” tab of Twitch or on your EFT profile. Either way, simply log in to both accounts and they should be linked.
Once this is complete, all you need to do is watch a certified Twitch streamer. The list for each day’s streamer list can be found on Escape from Tarkov‘s website. Every day through June 22, which is when the promotion ends, new streamers will have drops on their channel. Make sure you’re watching one, or more, of these streamers in order to receive drops.
During this watch time, you’ll be guaranteed to receive one item in Escape from Tarkov. This item could be a weapon, rare item, or piece of equipment. According to EFT, you can watch more than one broadcast to increase your chances of earning more drops.

Twitch escape from tarkov

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The last day to get Twitch drops from Escape From Tarkov’s New Year event on Twitch is fast-approaching. The event, which began on December 28, will conclude on Friday, January 8. On that day, all Twitch streams for Escape From Tarkov will have drops activated. However, if you’re looking to get Twitch drops from Escape From Tarkov right now, you’ll need to seek out specific streamers with active drops.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to link your Escape From Tarkov account to Twitch, how to enable Twitch drops, and which streamers to watch to start earning rewards.

How to link your Tarkov and Twitch accounts

If you don’t already own a copy of the game, head to our Escape From Tarkov preorder guide and learn the difference between each edition. When you’re ready to make your purchase, you can do so on the game’s official website. If you purchase one of the lower-tier editions, you can still purchase a more advanced version for a discounted price later and receive all the associated bonus items.

© Provided by Gamespot How to link your Escape From Tarkov and Twitch accounts to earn drops.

Once you have an active copy of Escape From Tarkov, head back to the website and find your Profile page on the top right. There will be a list of options listed in a column to the right. You should see the option to Link Twitch Account highlighted in purple. Once selected, you will be redirected to Twitch and prompted to authorize the connection. Congratulations! Your Twitch and Tarkov accounts are now linked and you are ready to start earning drops.

How to enable drops on Twitch

If you want to get drops for Escape From Tarkov by watching streams, skip down to the next section for a list of streams with active drops. However, if you want to enable drops on your own stream on January 8, when drops will be activated for all streamers, then continue reading.

To activate drops on your own stream, follow the steps above to link your Tarkov account. Then head to Twitch, click on your profile in the top right corner, select Creator Dashboard from the dropdown menu, navigate to Preferences in the column on the left, and click Channel from the dropdown menu. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Under the section for Raids should be a section called Drops. Toggle the button to opt-in.

© Provided by Gamespot How to toggle drops on your own Twitch stream so your viewers can earn rewards.

Unless you are one of the pre-selected streamers listed below, your viewers will only be able to earn drops from your Escape From Tarkov stream on January 8. Learn more on the game's official website.

How to earn drops from Escape From Tarkov streams

If you want to earn drops by watching Escape From Tarkov streams, make sure your accounts are linked up and consult the list below for which streams to watch on which day. Drops are random, but according to Battlestate Games, 'you will be guaranteed to receive 1 in-game item at certain intervals.' This includes weapons and weapon mods, gear like armor and backpacks, and items like keys and cases.

Head to any of the following Twitch streams on the designated day to receive drops:

January 5

  • ghostthellama (AS)
  • redopz (AU)
  • peeknduck_ (AU)
  • JotaSX (BR)
  • deadlyslob (CA)
  • TheMotivation (CA)
  • kaymind (CA)
  • totallyacro (DE)
  • skaavtv (DE)
  • lauter95 (DE)
  • cheeki_scav (DE)
  • sherpahub (DE)
  • myst1s (FI)
  • as2pik (FR)
  • mcgugu (FR)
  • Nwashi (FR)
  • sixquatre (FR)
  • cucu0015 (HU)
  • fantasy1800 (HU)
  • bubbles_ie (IE)
  • znorux (MX)
  • fukzo0 (MX)
  • wiciu_ck (PL)
  • gilcamilotti (PT)
  • jhnro (RO)
  • makatao (RU)
  • theblindshogun (RU)
  • kasyascherbakov (RU)
  • sharap (RU)
  • PashaFreeman (RU)
  • etojemaloy (RU)
  • dejavushothd (TH)
  • marhtern (TR)
  • UncivilizationTV (UK)
  • mratomicduck (UK)
  • BoxyM3 (US)
  • smoke (US)
  • sharptooth (US)
  • arsyntv (US)
  • destinysin666 (US)
  • hyperrattv (US)
  • eazyshot7 (US)
  • dogo (US)
  • cazzler (US)
  • SoberTTV (US)
  • mvg_hells (US)
  • kaptainkayy (US)
  • papapoob (US)
  • rhadamant5186 (US)
  • zearhok (US)
  • swagger (US)

January 6

  • train__ (AU)
  • tezmate (AU)
  • Behatche (BE)
  • weplaygamesbr (BR)
  • wildez (CA)
  • barriiicade (CA)
  • a1rm4x (CA)
  • hodsy (CA)
  • bonjwa (DE)
  • realgzuz (DE)
  • acid_fired (DE)
  • SuWu84 (DE)
  • kiwyxtreme (DE)
  • ohmyremi (EE)
  • carola (ES)
  • Skaggson (FI)
  • torusmastaz (FR)
  • Alfouille45 (FR)
  • ceee (HU)
  • beltazor (HU)
  • animaleeeeeeeeee (IT)
  • Dangereesk (IT)
  • Sk4R_jp (JP)
  • namyung (KR)
  • lucasgamingpl (PL)
  • DocFrags (PT)
  • dayzru (RU)'
  • 2seven_ (RU)
  • g0tohell (RU)
  • ktvsky (RU)
  • ussralexeybatya (RU)
  • 1n1ck (RU)
  • raccoonzzel (RU)
  • AlcoreRU (RU)
  • anderzel (SE)
  • julien (US)
  • fortyone (US)
  • pokelawls (US)
  • DottyHack (US)
  • GmxxGoose (US)
  • mad_ruski (US)
  • Al_Smizzle (US)
  • silentsentry (US)
  • mismagpie (US)
  • vanarambaion (US)
  • anthonyz (US)
  • relyks (US)
  • OGfent (US)
  • megamem3 (US)
  • UndaCavaScav (ZA)

January 7

  • khaleesa96 (AT)
  • hitoki (BR)
  • ren0809k (CN)
  • mrs_sarahx (DE)
  • kravitz7 (DE)
  • m4st3rj3y (DE)
  • justkilo (DE)
  • RocketBeansTV (DE)
  • hellsusan (DK)
  • glorious_e (DK)
  • larsen (DK)
  • juncker_ (DK)
  • ricoy23 (ES)
  • mastersnakou (FR)
  • tarkovtvitalia (IT)
  • faraday_ufficial (IT)
  • utopiagamingasd (IT)
  • llamav4 (IT)
  • everyeyeit (IT)
  • multiplayerit (IT)
  • crackbabe (KR)
  • morrog (NL)
  • kagaminium (PL)
  • cpt_miilller (PT)
  • Valarman (RS)
  • elwycco (RU)
  • Soroket (RU)
  • dobbykillstreak (RU)
  • lifewatcher_ (RU)
  • F_I_N_TV (RU)
  • SnowMiska (RU)
  • TorwaK (TR)
  • armuttv (TR)
  • hayz (UK)
  • lvndmark (US)
  • iitztimmy (US)
  • annemunition (US)
  • mittenz (US)
  • DestroyerProject (US)
  • puhdado (US)
  • DonutOperator (US)
  • inky (US)
  • joshog (US)
  • actionjaxon (US)
  • moczy (US)
  • Fluck (US)
  • OneMouseGaming (US)
  • legitaero (US)
  • tooklutch_ (US)
  • crooklynkat (US)
  • megad3ath (ZA)

January 8

Twitch Escape From Tarkov Loot

On January 8, drops will be activated on all streams in the Escape From Tarkov category on Twitch. This means you can earn drops by watching any Escape From Tarkov stream, but you can also provide drops for your viewers by streaming the game yourself. Find out how to participate as either a viewer or a streamer in our guide above.