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Expanding on our goal to help streamers and developers generate revenue on Twitch, today we’re announcing new features that will enable developers to build new monetized Extension experiences. The first two features — Subscription Status in Extensions and Subscription Purchase Trigger — will help developers unlock new ways for streamers to reward viewers who purchase a monthly subscription to their channel. Bits Enablement will let developers reach more streamer channels with the same Extension without needing to build multiple versions. Bits Transaction History enables developers to keep track of Extensions transactions.

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Let’s dive in.

Ways to Make Money With Twitch. There are a variety of methods with which successful Twitch. There are two ways to monetize an Extension: 1. Bits in Extensions enables developers to offer viewers specific actions and products in exchange for a Bits. Once a broadcaster activates a Bits-enabled extension on a stream, viewers can perform an action or purchase a product within the extension, provided the viewer’s account contains enough Bits. If it does not, the extension can help the viewer buy.

Subscription Status


Sub Status allows an Extension to request permission from the streamer to obtain read access to a channel’s subscriber list. Subscriptions are one of the best ways for streamers to generate revenue on Twitch. When a viewer subscribes to a streamer’s channel, they are supporting the streamer with a tiered subscription that is automatically renewed monthly. This is how many streamers, like Ninja and Shroud, generate part of their revenue. Streamers reward viewers who subscribe with perks such as exclusive emotes, sub badges, subscribers-only Chat, ads-free viewing and more.

Extensions are active on more than 67 percent of Affiliate- and Partner-level channels and viewers have interacted with Extensions more than 1.8 billion times in 2019 so far. By sharing the viewers sub status in the Extension itself, we see an opportunity for incremental subscriptions growth. Sharing the subs status in a highly visible extension will improve a viewer’s ability to see their current subscription status and motivate them to either purchase or renew.

Beyond the standard subs benefits, Subs-enabled Extensions can now help streamers offer truly differentiated experiences and benefits at each subscription tier. By adding a viewer’s sub status in the Extension, we are also unlocking a developer’s creativity to create subs benefits that are unique to the streamer’s channel. The ability to differentiate a viewer’s subs benefits is a tool that streamers see as necessary to grow and retain their subscriptions base. Providing viewers unique opportunities to actively participate in a channel is a proven engagement strategy increases engagement and monetization opportunities for streamers immediately and for developers in the near future.

Subs Status is available now and can be implemented on any released Extension. Developers can implement this feature through the new dedicated Monetization tab in their Extensions dashboard. Streamers can enable and revoke Subs Status by toggling the Manage Permissions flag in their dashboard, which will pass the proper OAuth permission to developers.

Subscription Purchase Trigger

To kick off the subscription purchase flow from an Extension, we have also released the Subscription Purchase Trigger in limited preview. Subs Status and Purchase Trigger work together to drive awareness of unique sub benefits and the ability to pay or upgrade a viewer’s subscription level.

Bits Enablement

Twitch Affiliate Monetization

To help developers better manage their Extension’s monetization states, we’re announcing Bits Enablement. While we have seen numerous developers launch and have success with Bits-enabled Extensions, it has not been possible for developers to refactor their existing non-monetized Extensions with Bits options. In order for developers to release Bits-monetized Extensions, they currently have to build and maintain a second version of their Extension, which has proven difficult for streamers to adopt. Similarly, many streamers have not been able to install some Extensions on their channel because only Bits-enabled versions are offered.

Extensions can now be used on all channels. With Bits Enablement, Twitch is making it easier for developers to monetize their Extensions with Bits at any stage of the Extension’s life cycle. Developers can revise their released non-monetized Extensions with Bits-enabled features by going to the Monetization tab in the console. This means that developers can now reach more streamers without having to support two different code and user bases. Similarly, streamers will be able to capture new monetization opportunities as more Extensions add Bits features.

Twitch Monetization Rates

Bits Transaction History

To help developers keep track of Extension transactions, we are announcing Bits Transaction History in Beta. This new feature will let developers focus on creating great Extensions experiences without having to worry about building foundational infrastructure to support it. Developers will be able to retrieve the entire transaction history of Bits used in their Extension. Developers can review transactions by user, channel, Extension and product.

Bits Enablement in Action

We are also excited to announce that the following partners have revamped their existing Extensions using these new Bits enablement features:

Live Emotes

Let your viewers push emotes on top of your stream with the new Live Emotes 2019! Viewers can now charge emotes with special power ups and use Bits to fire them away!

Sound Alerts

As a monetized Extension, viewers can play sounds on a stream and establish a new viewer interaction and community engagement. Now available for activation in non-monetized channels.

Latest Followers

Now allows followers to celebrate their allegiance with Bits by highlighting how long they have been following a streamer.

Twitch Picks

Now streamers can customize their polls and allow viewers to vote with Bits.

Getting started

Help us define the future of Subs-enabled Extensions by building unique use cases that create temporary, but noticeable actions in the channel. When we build experiences that facilitate streamer and viewer interaction, we create value for all of Twitch.

Twitch Monetization Calculator

Developers can start building Extensions with Subscriptions-enabled functionality and revamping their existing Extensions with monetized and non-monetized states now by visiting the Developer Console. Visit the documentation to learn more.


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Twitch Monetization Requirements

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