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The benefits of a video transcription

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A video transcription is the written form of a videofile, or to be more specific the written form of all the conversation that waspresent in the video. If you are a video content creator, providing a precisetranscription of your videos can have many benefits for your online visibilityand audience outreach.

We are sure that it takes hard work to create high quality content. This is the reason you should make sure to spread it out there so you can reach a wide audience. Even though this includes a few extra steps during the process of post-production and video distribution, in the end it will pay off, and your content will reach more people, which means that your possible profit from the video content will increase. A huge number of content creators upload their new videos on YouTube every day. This is why it might be hard to stand out. Adding a transcription to your video is a great way to make your content more accessible and competitive in this viewing competition.

So, how can exactly can you benefit from a video transcription?

1. Accessibility

Hearing problems

Transcripts can be very helpful when it comes toaccessibility of your video content. First, we would like to provide you withan information from the National Institute on Deafness and Other CommunicationDisorders. They say that around 15% of all adults in the United States (37.5million people) report hearing problems of some sort. Let that sink in. For allthose people to truly enjoy your video content a transcription of the audiowould be very helpful. Also, it is important to mention that it is fairly easyto make closed captions out of transcripts. When you provide accuratetranscription alongside your video, you are making your content accessible to awide range of audience who would otherwise not have the opportunity to enjoyyour valuable content, and they will surely appreciate your additional effort.

Non-native speakers

We know that internet connects the world. Consideringthere is no censorship in the country you live in, no matter your location youhave access an incredible amount of information, documents and videos. So, whenit comes to accessibility it is also important to mention all the non-nativespeakers who might be interested in viewing your video content but the Englishlanguage could be an obstacle. Providing transcripts helps with comprehension,firstly because it is easier to look up a word that you don’t know, when youcan see how it is written. On the other hand, a transcript can be easily translatedwith tools like Google Translate so that your audience members from distantcountries, even if they don’t speak English at all, can get an idea of whatmessage you are trying to convey. Just think about all the potential forexpanding your audience when you have this globalized approach. All of thisdepends on having a good transcription.

Inconvenience of listening to a video

It is important to mention all the people who want toconsume your content but it isn’t convenient for them to turn the volume up.Maybe they are commuting to work or waiting for an appointment, they are ontheir mobile phone and they just forgot their headphones. In this case, if youare offering them an option of reading your content, they might be delighted.Most people are creatures of habit, so if you offer your audience anopportunity to enjoy your high-quality content at their own pace, place andtime, they will probably become your loyal, subscribed followers.

Bad internet connection Even today there are some places in remote parts of the world which don’t have a good internet connection. You surely know that viewing a video file requires a better internet connection than to simply read a text. This is why in some parts of the world people can only engage in your content if it is written down. Providing a good transcript of your video content will therefore be of great help to those people, they can consume your content simply by reading the text and get a good overview of what is going on in your video.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

When it comes to search engines, like Google or Yahoo, we can say that even though they developed a lot in recent years, they are still not able to crawl audio or video files. This is why a video file doesn’t do much for your online visibility. But, if you add a transcript to your video file, your content will be easier to find through a search engine. These search engines use advanced algorithms to find certain keywords in order to classify pages on their search results pages. If you have a transcript of your video content, it will have many of these keywords in one place, in a logical context, so the crawlers will recognize your page and will place it higher on the search results list. SEO will expand your audience, so don’t miss out on this, it will pay off very soon.

3. User experience

A video is a very popular form of content. But stillthere are many people who prefer other ways of content consumption. It isalways a good idea to offer your audience a choice: do they want to listen toyou talking about a subject or do they want to read what you have to say.Audience will appreciate this and might even get hooked on your content. Maybethey will even feel like sharing it with others.

Options for how to get your transcription

All of the benefits that we describe above – betteraccessibility, SEO boost, better user experience, they all have one thing incommon: their ideal end result is a profound increase in views. With theincrease of views comes an increase in all sorts of good stuff, for example theprofitability of your video content creation venture. However, as we alsomentioned above, all of this depends on a crucial little step that is calledtranscription. So, if we caught your attention and convinced you of a fewbenefits that adding a transcription to your video content might bring, we willnow talk about the very process of transcribing and various transcriptionoptions.

  1. Automated transcription

With the rise of artificial intelligence, automatedtranscription services have also evolved. They are fast, uncomplicated andfairly cheap. They are a great choice if you need your transcription fast andif the sound quality of your file is really good. If not, you will probablyhave problems with the accuracy. If you choose automated transcriptionservices, always check their precision rates, and when you get their transcriptdouble check it for any possible errors, omissions or misunderstandings.

Video Transcription Free

  • Human transcription

If you want your transcription to be of maximumpossible accuracy, there is one really good choice, and it is called Gglot. Weprovide transcription services of highest quality, made by our skilled andexperienced professional transcribers. We work accurately, try to get the jobdone as fast as possible and offer you a fair price. Our website isuser-friendly even for people who aren’t really technically savvy. Just send usthe video or audio file which you want to transcribe and wait for thetranscription.

  • Do it yourself

This option is for those of you with a tight budgetwho have enough free time and nerves of steel. Writing a transcription mightseem easy at first, but you will soon find out that it is more challenging thanit seems, so don’t underestimate it. You will probably need around four hoursto transcribe 60 minutes of audio. But only if you are a very proficienttypist. You will have to pause and rewind a lot, and then write down what youheard, sentence by sentence, minute by minute. You can also try to use a freetool to help you with this, for example Jot Engine. Happy typing! Hope youstocked up enough coffee. Remember to take frequent breaks and stretch a bit.



So, why should you do a transcription of your videofile? It will make your video more accessible for people with hearing problems,non-native speakers and people with bad internet connection. You will also giveyour audience a choice in which format to consume your content. On top of that,transcripts boost your SEO. When it comes to the process of transcribing youcan choose between the fast, but not so accurate automated transcriptionservice, an accurate transcription service, like Gglot, done by a trainedprofessional or if you are a real typing enthusiast, you can try and do it byyourself, but in this case be prepared to invest time into this project.

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We hope this article was helpful to you. Now is thetime to upgrade your video content by adding a good transcription and gettingthe best possible results in terms of visibility, accessibility and audienceoutreach.

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