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App version 95888f8. Vvts vdpp vdsr wsjc wssl wsss wiii wiix wihh bekol a461 shl g471 plt a599 elnex g204 shz w58 shy: bekol-zsss-01 vvts vdsr wsjc wssl wsss: bekol a461 shl g471 plt a599 elnex g204 jtn bekol-zuck-01: rpmm rpll yssy bekol a461 yin g586 qp b330 kwe w3 qjg: bekol-zuuu-01 wadd vvnb rpmm rpll ymml pgsn wbkk: bekol a461 yin g586 qp b330 xyo w25 fjc. $20.00 ($20.00 excl vat) each van don international airport- vvvd- x-plane 11 sold by: taimodels $14.99 ($14.99 excl VAT) each WMKK + MEGA KUALA LUMPUR SCENERY FOR X-PLANE 11 Sold by: Cloudsurf Asia Simulations.

This category covers expansions, mods, and add-ons that improve, replace or add extra scenery areas to your copy of X-Plane 11 (or XP11 as it's know in the community).

Screenshot showing the Arizona photoreal scenery in X-Plane 11.

Covered here are small airfields that the developers may have missed out of the default release because of development resource limits all the way up to large international airports that are already included but provide a better, more accurate and detailed representation of them.

Also included are highly detailed photoreal packages that replace the stock ground terrain with real photographic images from satellite data. These files are usually very large and may take a long time to download on a standard Internet connection. Having said that, the wait is worth it because the level of detail is stunning and once you've used photoreal you won't go back to the default.

Adding these files is a great way to expand upon the default installation. All of the files are compatible with any platform that runs X-Plane. If you are already running X-Plane 11 on your platform then these files will work without issue - they are universal.

Some of the scenery add-ons included in this category:

  • New/updated airports
  • Better mesh scenery
  • New ground terrain including photoreal (or Orthophoto as it's known) covering areas such as the USA, Europe, Australia and more.
  • Towns and cities that may not be as detailed in the default install
  • Environment upgrades

Worth noting is that all of the mesh add-ons released by the well known AlpilotX can be found here. You can also find the UHD versions here. They are not included in this category.

Installation is easy and can usually be achieved with an unzip and simple drag-drop into your X-Plane folders. Most (if not all) of the files come with detailed installation instructions.

Browsing the category is also simple - you can sort the files using the handy 'sort by' feature below. Enjoy the scenery!

Vvts X Plane 11 Release

Flight Number-
StatsDistance352 nm / 652 km
Max Altitude35,000 ft / 10,668 m


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Basic altitude profile:- Ascent Rate: 2500ft/min- Ascent Speed: 250kts- Cruise Altitude: 35000ft- Cruise Speed: 420kts- Descent Rate: 1500ft/min- Descent Speed: 250ktsOptions:- Use NATs: yes- Use PACOTS: yes- Use low airways: yes- Use high airways: yes
Vvts x plane 110


IDTypeViaAltitude (ft/m)Position (lat/lon)Dist (leg/tot)Name
OVVTSAPT-0 / 010.81875 / 106.65173- / 0 nmTAN SON NHAT INTL
ACNDB-11,500 / 3,50510.93917 / 107.1883332 / 32 nmANLOC NDB
BUNDBW1 (AWY-LO)35,000 / 10,66812.67028 / 108.04222115 / 147 nmBUON MA THUOT NDB
PKNDBW1 (AWY-HI)26,500 / 8,07714.00667 / 108.0088980 / 228 nmPLEIKU NDB
DANVORW1 (AWY-LO)11,000 / 3,35316.05276 / 108.19823123 / 351 nmDANANG VOR-DME
OVVDNAPT-0 / 016.04390 / 108.199400 / 352 nmDANANG INTL

Altitude Profile


Clouds and Precipitation
Forecast for 2021-03-22 12:00 UTC. Updated a month ago
NameTan Son Nhat Intl
Timezone Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh (UTC+7.0)
StatsElevation33 ft / 10 m (AMSL)
Location10.818700° 106.652000°
Magnetic Variation0.582° W


VVTS 061500Z VRB01KT 9999 FEW017 SCT050 26/24 Q1011 NOSIG


TAF VVTS 061100Z 0612/0718 15008KT 9999 SCT017 SCT040 TEMPO 0612/0616 5000 TSRA BKN012 FEW015CB TEMPO 0707/0712 15015G27KT 3000 TSRA BKN012 SCT015CB

Departure Runways

IDWidthLengthBearing (true/mag)SurfaceThresholdOverrunMarkingsLighting
07L148 ft / 45 m10,009 ft / 3,051 m68.96° / 69.55°CONCRETE0 ft / 0 m1,030 ft / 314 mPREC-APPEDGE THRESHOLD SALS
07R148 ft / 45 m12,541 ft / 3,822 m68.98° / 69.56°CONCRETE2,513 ft / 766 m853 ft / 260 mPREC-APPCENTERLINE EDGE THRESHOLD SALS
25L148 ft / 45 m12,541 ft / 3,822 m248.98° / 249.56°CONCRETE0 ft / 0 m1,030 ft / 314 mPREC-APPCENTERLINE EDGE THRESHOLD ALSF-II TDZ
25R148 ft / 45 m10,009 ft / 3,051 m248.97° / 249.55°CONCRETE0 ft / 0 m1,033 ft / 315 mPREC-APPEDGE THRESHOLD SALS
NameDa Nang Intl
Timezone Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh (UTC+7.0)

Vvts X Plane 110

StatsElevation29 ft / 9 m (AMSL)
Location16.044200° 108.199000°
Magnetic Variation1.302° W


VVDN 061500Z 23002KT 9999 FEW015 27/24 Q1014 NOSIG


TAF VVDN 061100Z 0612/0712 11009KT 9999 SCT015 BECMG 0621/0622 4500 BR BECMG 0700/0701 8000 NSW

Destination Runways

Vvts X Plane 11 Download

IDWidthLengthBearing (true/mag)SurfaceThresholdOverrunMarkingsLighting
17L148 ft / 45 m11,541 ft / 3,518 m172.07° / 173.37°CONCRETE0 ft / 0 m20 ft / 6 mPREC-APPEDGE THRESHOLD SALS
17R148 ft / 45 m10,052 ft / 3,064 m172.08° / 173.38°ASPHALT0 ft / 0 m0 ft / 0 mPREC-APPEDGE THRESHOLD REIL-OMNI
35L148 ft / 45 m10,052 ft / 3,064 m352.08° / 353.38°ASPHALT0 ft / 0 m0 ft / 0 mPREC-APPEDGE THRESHOLD SALS REIL-OMNI
35R148 ft / 45 m11,541 ft / 3,518 m352.07° / 353.38°CONCRETE0 ft / 0 m0 ft / 0 mPREC-APPEDGE THRESHOLD ALSF-I

Approach Navaids

RunwayTypeIdentFrequencyRangeBearing (true/mag)SlopeElevation
35LLOC-ILSDAD110.50 MHz18 nm / 33 km352.08° / 353.38 °-29 ft / 9 m (AMSL)
35LGSDAD110.50 MHz10 nm / 19 km352.08° / 353.38 °3.00°29 ft / 9 m (AMSL)
35RGSIDR111.50 MHz10 nm / 19 km352.07° / 353.37 °3.00°29 ft / 9 m (AMSL)
35RDMEDAD110.50 MHz18 nm / 33 km--33 ft / 10 m (AMSL)
35RLOC-ILSIDR111.50 MHz18 nm / 33 km352.07° / 353.37 °-29 ft / 9 m (AMSL)

Vvts X Plane 11

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