Waterfox 2020.12

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Waterfox for Linux was launched in March 2011 by a 16-year-old student (Alex Kontos), and is a web browser, a version of Firefox that takes full advantage of computers running 64-bit operating systems optimized for speed and high performance.
Waterfox for Linux was one of the first browsers distributed over 64 bits and quickly gained popularity. A major 64-bit advantage is obviously allowing you to access more than 3.5GB of RAM, helping to accelerate your computer.
When it comes to graphic layout, besides its name in the main menu, Waterfox for Linux looks and works like Firefox, including the various customizable features and options. All Firefox add-ons will work with Waterfox for Linux, but only 64-bit plug-ins that currently include Adobe Flash, Oracle Java, and Microsoft Silverlight are supported.
It is important to know that Waterfox for Linux significantly shares Firefox settings, so you should uninstall it, but do not select the option to delete your personal information if you still use Firefox.
Finally, Waterfox for Linux is a good browser, but not the fastest, and if you use Firefox on a 64-bit system, it would be much better to try Waterfox for Linux.

Waterfox Classic Portable v2021.04.1 - Windows 64-bit Waterfox Free & Open Web Browser Waterfox Browse the web your way, with the indie web browser No Telemetry Waterfox does not collect any telemetry, meaning you do not have to worry about any tracking or usage information about what you do inside your browser. Limited Data Collection. The main new feature in Waterfox G3.1.0 is support for installing Chrome Web Store and Opera Web Store extensions. The implementation is still ongoing but users may visit the stores using Waterfox to install extensions directly. Extension pages displays a 'add to Waterfox' button that may be used to install the extensions. SOLVED Can't use forum trought waterfox If I browser forum trought waterfox, everytime I click on a submit or preview button (new topic, save profile, ect.) I get this error. Download Waterfox for Linux. Waterfox for Linux was launched in March 2011 by a 16-year-old student (Alex Kontos), and is a web browser, a version of Firefox that takes full advantage of computers running.

Package Details: waterfox-classic-bin 2021.04.2-1

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Git Clone URL: https://aur.archlinux.org/waterfox-classic-bin.git (read-only, click to copy)
Package Base: waterfox-classic-bin
Description: Customizable privacy-conscious web browser with primary support for legacy extensions
Upstream URL: https://www.waterfox.net
Keywords: firefox
Licenses: MPL
Conflicts: waterfox-classic, waterfox-classic-git
Provides: waterfox-classic=2021.04.2
Replaces: waterfox-bin
Submitter: plague-doctor
Maintainer: hawkeye116477 (simokron)
Last Packager: hawkeye116477
Votes: 91
Popularity: 0.065486
First Submitted: 2019-11-08 23:55
Last Updated: 2021-04-27 12:00
Waterfox 2020.12

Dependencies (15)

  • dbus-glib(dbus-glib-git)
  • ffmpeg(ffmpeg-semifull-git, ffmpeg-tmblock-git, ffmpeg4.0, ffmpeg-cuda, ffmpeg-v4l2-request-git, ffmpeg-svt, ffmpeg-gl-transition, ffmpeg-intel-full-git, ffmpeg-mmal, ffmpeg-svt-av1-git, ffmpeg-nox-git, ffmpeg-svt-vp9-git, ffmpeg-headless, ffmpeg-decklink, ffmpeg-git, ffmpeg-nocuda, ffmpeg-full, ffmpeg-amd-full, ffmpeg-full-git, ffmpeg-libfdk_aac, ffmpeg-ndi, ffmpeg-amd-full-git)
  • gtk2(gtk2-patched-gdkwin-nullcheck, gtk2-ubuntu, gtk2-git, gtk2-minimal-git, gtk2-patched-filechooser-icon-view)
  • gtk3(gtk3-cosy, gtk3-adwaita-3-32-git, gtk3-git, gtk3-ubuntu, gtk3-patched-filechooser-icon-view, gtk3-typeahead, gtk3-classic, gtk3-no_deadkeys_underline)
  • hicolor-icon-theme(hicolor-icon-theme-git)
  • mime-types (mailcap-mime-types, mailcap)
  • startup-notification(startup-notification-git)
  • ttf-font (neuropol-ttf, ttf-droid-emojiless, ttf-noto-fonts-ib, pixeled-ttf, ttf-win7-fonts, ttf-ms-win8, ttf-ms-win8-arabic, ttf-ms-win8-hebrew, ttf-ms-win8-sea, ttf-ms-win8-indic, ttf-ms-win8-japanese, ttf-ms-win8-korean, ttf-ms-win8-zh_cn, ttf-ms-win8-zh_tw, ttf-ms-win8-thai, ttf-ms-win8-other, ttf-noto-fonts-simple, ttf-droid-simple, ttf-kids, ttf-gabriola, ttf-win10, ttf-liberation-sans-narrow, ttf-cavafy-script, ttf-ms-fonts, ttf-dejavu-ib, ttf-droid-ib, ttf-zelda, ttf-oxygen, ttf-oxygen-gf, ttf-share-gf, ttf-gost, nerd-fonts-dejavu-complete, otf-inconsolata-dz, ttf-paratype, ttf-d2coding, ttf-dejavu-emojiless, ttf-tr2n, noto-fonts-lite, ttf-ms-win10, ttf-ms-win10-japanese, ttf-ms-win10-korean, ttf-ms-win10-sea, ttf-ms-win10-thai, ttf-ms-win10-zh_cn, ttf-ms-win10-zh_tw, ttf-ms-win10-other, ttf-ibm-plex-mono-git, ttf-agave, ttf-ms-win10-auto, gnu-free-fonts, noto-fonts, ttf-bitstream-vera, ttf-croscore, ttf-dejavu, ttf-droid, ttf-ibm-plex, ttf-liberation)
  • alsa-lib(alsa-lib-x205ta, alsa-lib-git, alsa-lib-minimal-git, alsa-lib-a52pcm)(optional) – Audio support
  • hunspell-en_US(optional) – Spell checking, American English
  • libnotify(libnotify-gtk2, libnotify-id-git, libnotify-id)(optional) – Notification integration
  • networkmanager(networkmanager-secure, networkmanager-noscan, networkmanager-consolekit, networkmanager-iwd, networkmanager-git)(optional) – Location detection via available WiFi networks
  • pulseaudio(pulseaudio-bluedio, pulseaudio-pali, pulseaudio-airplay, pulseaudio-hsphfpd, pulseaudio-dummy, pulseaudio-nosystemd-git, pulseaudio-nosystemd-minimal-git, pipewire-common-pulse-git, pulseaudio-git, pipewire-full-pulse-git, pipewire-pulse-git, pipewire-pulse)(optional) – Audio support
  • speech-dispatcher(speech-dispatcher-git)(optional) – Text-to-Speech

Sources (2)

hawkeye116477 commented on 2020-02-26 08:01

pjpreilly commented on 2020-02-26 03:35

Thanks for the adoption @hawkeye but with your first update the application icon is broken in Manjaro Gnome. TIA


plague-doctor commented on 2020-02-23 23:02

NOTE: Due to Waterfox has been sold to system1, I am not going to maintain this package anymore.

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pjpreilly commented on 2019-12-11 19:55

zangoku commented on 2019-12-11 01:15

pjpreilly commented on 2019-12-11 00:15

2019.12-1 build fails with:> Starting package()...install: cannot stat '/var/tmp/pamac-build-manjaro/waterfox-classic-bin/src/waterfox/browser/chrome/icons/default/default128.png': No such file or directory> ERROR: A failure occurred in package(). Aborting...


Austcool commented on 2019-12-09 23:05

Please change Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/waterfox-classic-icon.pngIcon=waterfox-classic-icon so themes can change the icon thanks.

jakyote commented on 2019-11-20 03:33

Should probably add Replaces: waterfox-bin as well, no?

plague-doctor commented on 2019-11-11 20:51

Waterfox Classic 2020.12 Download

chocolateboy commented on 2019-11-11 18:54

Waterfox 2020.12

A waterfox-classic-bin package was created a few days ago: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/waterfox-classic-bin/