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Installing a car tracking device greatly enhances the security of your vehicle. Based on your needs, the market offers a variety of GPS tracking solutions that can locate the position and monitor the movement of your vehicle. Note that GPS trackers are powered by the satellite.

Also factor in hardware quality. The hidden tracking devices for your car should simply be durable. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Car tracking is a popular subject. Many car owners would like to get trackers for their vehicles but they usually have some questions. We have looked at the most frequently asked questions around car tracking devices.

The market has hundreds of different tracking devices. Some are really good while others are not that good. With a wide range of options, selecting the appropriate tracker becomes a major challenge. The market has some well-hidden tracking devices for cars while some are not that good. Settling for no so good tracking devices can be catastrophic as you will not get the desired results.

  1. Wireless syncing lets you spend less time fiddling with cords and more time being active. Interchangeable bands allow you to personalize the look of your tracker and adding an additional activity tracker charger will allow you to keep a charger at home and take one with you.
  2. The Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker is a great gift for car lovers because it’ll ensure that they never lose track of their keys. The nifty item will help locate their lost item, as long as it's within 400 feet away.

In this guide, we look at some of the best hidden tracking devices for cars. The devices have been selected based on different factors. We look at functionality and real customer reviews to come up with the 10 best tracking devices for cars.

Why You Should Trust Our Review?

This review aims to give readers the best experience. All the reviewed trackers have been tested by our experts and meet the recommended market standards. The reviews are also based on other customer experiences.

Each product review gives you a true picture on the ground without bias. The main goal is to ensure you make the right decisions and get the value for your money.

All the information contained in this review is up to date. We have factored in the latest developments to each tracker. This enables you to make the right decisions while looking for the best tracking device for your car.

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Top 10 Best Best Hidden Tracking Devices For Cars Reviews

When it comes to the best-hidden tracking devices for cars in 2021, we have a variety. The following trackers range in terms of quality, features, price, design and power usage. Additionally, all the highlighted devices are certified and meet the required standards. As a user, you have different needs for your car and fleet.

Always do some due diligence so that the tracker you settle on serves you better. In your research, ensure the tracker works in your region. It will be unfortunate if you order the wrong tracker for your car. Let’s look at the best-hidden tracking devices for 2021.

Wireless Car Tracker

1. GPS Tracker Vyncs

The Vyncs GPS tracker can track multiple vehicles at once with support for both 2G and 3G networks. The tracker easily connects with a laptop or tablet device. This tracker can be accessed by customers in over 30 countries.

The Vyncs tracker is linked to the On-Board Diagnostics systems for easy analysis and provision of car maintenance info, such as fuel consumption, acceleration, braking, and speed. This tracker is interesting considering the fact that it comes without a monthly fee.

On the aspect of power consumption, you don’t need a battery as it can plug directly into the car itself, specifically into the OBD-II port. This feature means that we have reduced maintenance costs.

  • Saves battery due to automatic feature. Switches off when the car ignition is off.
  • Can track multiple vehicles.
  • Comes with GPS Tracking and locator functions
  • The network connection may at times bring issues, especially in remote areas.
  • Has additional charges.

2. Bouncie – Connected Car

This tracking device is ideal for small businesses. Bounce communicates with an internal 3G cell connection and the driver’s phone is not used. The tracker records data every 5-seconds. After a minute, the data is transferred from the device to a mobile application. This real-time GPS tracker for cars will provide a vehicle’s final location once it’s parked.

It factors in battery consumption by disabling auto-updates when the vehicle is switched off. Note that Bouncie automatically sends alerts with history available for your review in the application. Based on your configuration, you can get notifications on speed, rapid acceleration, hard braking, and miles are driven.

Furthermore, Bouncie redefines convenience since it has tamper detection and it ranks as the smallest GPS tracking device. It is also compatible with a number of vehicles and reads the engine in return sends alerts whenever there is a problem.

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Real-time alert.
  • Provides status of vehicle health.
  • Does not provide tracking info when the engine is off.
  • Has concerns with privacy.

3. Autobrain OBD Real-Time

The Autobrain OBD GPS tracker puts emphasis on safety. This tracker comes with the auto brain family mode that is customizable. It is ideal for a family. This tracker allows the addition of different drivers and you can get alerts on vehicle movements. This device also gives you room to access the autobrain home alarm on wheels, a feature that is vital especially when there is a crash.

With the Autobrain tracker, you get a full vehicle diagnosis and alerts you when there is a problem. Furthermore, this tracker can link you to a specialist who can offer help. To manage the tracker, you can use a mobile application that is compatible with both Android and iOS.


Autobrain is also compatible with leading vehicle manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, BMW, and Audi. As an Autobrain customer, you can get access to their emergency and crash response. This happens when Autobrain detects that you’ve been in a crash. The support desk contacts you immediately alongside your loved ones.

  • Real-time tracking.
  • Compatible with different vehicle models.
  • Good customer experience.
  • Services that come with a tracker can be expensive.
  • Numerous mobile application downtimes.

4. MOTOsafety 4G Real Time OBD

Apart from tracking your vehicle, MOTOsafety puts focus on driver education. With this tracker, you get information on what your car has done and when it has done it. This tracker is ideal for monitoring safe driving habits with regular report cards. These reports are good as they ensure new drivers learn more.

At the end of the day, you can review the entire driving route and the nature of driving. It is ideal for parents who want to track their teens. The system will let you know when the vehicle enters and exits locations that you have identified on the map.

The tracker relays information on fast acceleration, over speeding or hard braking. Furthermore, this hidden GPS tracking device can be used to set fuel reminders and curfew alerts.

With the MOTOsafety Android and iOS mobile application, you get real-time updates on your vehicle’s location and alerts straight to your device.

  • Supports 3G Network.
  • Has a geo-fencing function.
  • Instant alerts.
  • Monitor unsafe behaviors to increase safety.
  • Train safe driving by monitoring speeding and other aspects.
  • It’s has a monthly subscription with a strict cancellation policy.
  • Inaccurate analysis of driving behavior like speed alerts

5. Americaloc GL300W

The Americaloc is among the most expensive hidden GPS car trackers out there. However, the price tag is worth it considering the features that come along with it. With 2G connectivity, it dishes out updates every 10-60 seconds. You will get real-time tracking and allows you to view up to one year of history.

You will receive alerts on vehicle movement, parking, speeding, device on/off, low battery, entering or leaving zones, front button pressed. Generally, the Amercalo’s tracking capability is very detailed, with top of the range software.

You get real-time tracking via software or email, alongside a year’s worth of data storage. Note that the tracker comes with a sleek design like a modem making it convenient to hide it in the vehicle. One unique thing about the Americaloc tracking device is that the battery life is measured in days or even weeks as opposed to hours.

This real-time GPS tracker for a car has one of the longest battery life spans with extended multicarrier coverage. There is also transparency as there are no activation or hidden fees. You can pay monthly and cancel at any time, however, to get the best deal, you should purchase yearly.

Consumers should be aware of older versions that are cheaper with a short battery life span.

  • Simple handling.
  • Small and concealable.
  • Cancel the subscription anytime.
  • May have some inaccurate alerts.
  • The updates may take longer than expected

6. Optimus 2.0

This is a top-notch quality tracker that comes with mobile applications compatible with Android and iOS devices. All the alerts on Optimus are manageable through the mobile application. It stores historical information for future reference.

This real-time GPS tracker for car sends you email and text notification on speeding, leaving or entering areas, low battery, SOS button, and driving reports.

Note that when the battery is fully charged it can last up to one or two weeks depending on your configuration. The consumption is directly affected by how much the tracker reports its position. In this case, the more the unit moves in a day, the more battery it will use. You are able to customize the report frequency from preset times available in the tracking app and the website.

To secure the tracker, it has a magnetic case. The manufacturer uses the Neodymium magnets which are known to be the strongest around. The casing is also waterproof with twin magnets for holding and protecting your GPS Tracker. It does not require you to stick to the lightest convertible car seat.

Wireless Car Tracker Devices

This tracker has a reputation for use by law enforcement and private detectives. Apart from vehicles, this tracker can monitor other items placed inside the vehicle. It allows you to keep tabs with your backpack or luggage inside the car.

  • Easy to use mobile application.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Multiple places to get notification
  • Limited battery life.
  • Customer support not efficient.

7. Fleet Tracking

This tracker is ideal for the management of the fleet. It gives you an alert on location, direction, speed, traffic, and more. Fleet tracking enhances accuracy based on reliance on Google Maps. You can set geofences around important driver locations like a home office, or restricted areas.

You can know when the vehicle is in use with the Linxup GPS vehicle tracking device. The 3G support ensures that you get coverage in a wider region.

Another advantage of this tracker is that you can use the Linxup’s reports and dashboards to reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption and monitor driver safety.

Note that alerts are sent through email and text messages. Tracker installs into the OBD port and includes the manufacturer’s limited lifetime device warranty.

  • Real time alert.
  • Helps in minimizing fuel consumption.

8. Hidden Magnetic

The Hidden Magnetic GPS tracker comes with a host of features suitable for your vehicle. This device can be installed on a flat magnetic metal surface on your vehicle is a process that only takes 10 seconds. This hidden GPS tracker has a Lithium rechargeable battery that has a lifespan of 60 days when fully charged.

This real-time GPS tracker for car is pocket-friendly with a low-cost service plan. There are no contracts, no hidden charges and you can cancel anytime for additional services. Some of the services that come with this app are a free GPS tracking application, a cloud-hosted web application, a data plan, and a data storage plan.

The manufacturers have enabled automatic alerts for pon vehicle movements, speed among others. Notably, the generated reports help you to see trips taken, speed, stops, and more.

Unlike other devices in the category, this hidden magnetic device can track a fleet of vehicles and it is available worldwide. These features make it one of the best hidden tracking devices for cars.

Best Wireless Gps Car Tracker

  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with mobile application support.
  • Can track a fleet of vehicles.
  • The battery lifespan can be limiting.
  • Speed alerts can be wrong.

Wireless Gps Tracker For Car

9. Accutracking VTPlug

Accutracking ranks high among the best smallest GPS tracking device. It is 3G enabled with roaming SIM capabilities. It works perfectly well with Amazon Echo. Also, it has a very flexible plan as there are no contracts, no activation charges, no cancellation fees, and no hidden charges.

Once you have the device, tracking will start after about one minute since the installation process is very easy and fast. It offers more convenience because it allows you to easily switch between different vehicles. Furthermore, the device being lightweight in nature means that you can hide anywhere in the car.

As the car owner, you get benefits such as alerts on vehicle diagnosis. In case there is a problem, you will get alerts with the specific area that needs to be worked on. The device tracks and relays information on speed, parking, movement, geofence, ignition/ACC, unplug, harsh braking/acceleration/turning, check engine light ON engine idle, oil change, engine temperature, RPM, stops, fence duration alerts, mileage, vehicle maintenance status alerts via SMS or email.

Note that this device has a lifetime warranty meaning that anytime you detect a problem, the manufacturer can easily sort you out. Lastly, the Accutracking has an excellent reception with a built-in GSM and GPS antenna. However, you can also run extended antennae.

  • Not compatible with some models like Mitsubishi.
  • No mobile app support.

10. TKSTAR Hidden Tracker

TKSTAR GPS Tracker lacks most of the premium features for a device in its price range. The trackers come with a rechargeable 5000 mA Lithium battery. The battery life is three months when fully charged.

This tracker comes with a standalone mobile application where you can trace the vehicle movement, person, or any object it is attached to. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Note that this tracking device has an accuracy of 5-10 meters. This model has a unique operation compared to other devices. When you want to know the vehicle location you text the device and it replies with Google Maps coordinates. You key in the coordinates into the application and get the location.

The manufacturers also focused on durability by making the external shell of the tracking unit water and dustproof. It is also made up of tough plastic to minimize damage.

  • Durable due to hard plastic material.
  • Comes with application support.
  • Long battery life
  • Lacks premium features.
  • Cannot be connected to a vehicle battery

Factors to Consider When Buying GPS Tracking Devices For Cars

Before settling on a hidden tracking device for your vehicle the experience can be overwhelming. The market has a number of options and it might be a challenge picking a desirable model for your needs. It is important to note that you should do sufficient research before spending any money. Here are factors to consider when buying GPS trackers.

Your Budget

Your budget will determine if you get the best-hidden GPS tracker for your car or not. If you want a GPS tracker with more features, the more money you will spend. However, you will end up saving some money if you go for a GPS tracker with minimal features.

Some of the features that distinguish tracking devices include geo-fencing and warning alerts. Bear in mind that an expensive GPS tracker isn’t more accurate than a cheaper model. For example, wireless tracking systems generally require you to pay a one-time purchase and installation fee.


The aspect of memory is a crucial one when buying a GPS tracker. Determine the amount needed and if it has room for expansion. The memory you want will also be determined by the aspect of uploadable maps. If you plan to upload maps then the memory will be high. It is safe to check with the GPS manufacturer’s website for more information on memory requirements.


Before choosing GPS trackers, it’s essential to know what cellular network the device you are buying will be utilizing. Find out if you have coverage issues in the areas your recipient travels and if you can afford to wait the minutes, hours, or sometimes days before the device reports the location.

If this capability is important to you, ensure that your GPS tracking provider can provide multiple coverage options. Additionally, the provider should provide tools to determine if there is a need for one coverage or another.

Ease of Control

Most GPS trackers should allow you a higher degree of control. As a result, most GPS trackers usually come with a standalone smartphone application. With an app, you can create or view geofences, view account settings, or track other vitals. Another benefit of a GPS tracker with an app is that notifications in/out can be displayed instantly on your phone.

Passive vs. Real Time

Passive GPS tracking systems usually store all GPS data into the receiver unit. This information can be downloaded to the server only after the vehicle returns to the base.

However, this model comes with the risk of data loss when memory capacity is exceeded. Real-time GPS tracking uses a satellite modem with GPS and there’s no chance of data loss.

Alerts and Notification

In tracking a vehicle, real-time notifications are key. This can only be achieved through real-time solutions. Note that passive systems only allow tracking of vehicles when they return. It is advisable to go for a real-time system because you have 24/7 alerts. This is important because car tracking also helps you recover a stolen vehicle and monitor if there are accidents.


Trackers should have a simple design for easy operation. Additionally, a good tracker should be durable to sustain harsh weather conditions. There are some basic design aspects to consider when purchasing a GPS tracker. It should have a panic button for real-time notification in case of an emergency situation.

Ease of use is also something to look at in the design of a tracking device. A tracker should not have too many buttons as it might be confusing. Also factor in hardware quality. The hidden tracking devices for your car should simply be durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Car tracking is a popular subject. Many car owners would like to get trackers for their vehicles but they usually have some questions. We have looked at the most frequently asked questions around car tracking devices.

What Should I do When My Vehicle is Stolen?

After a vehicle has been stolen, immediately report to the theft department of your car tracking service provider. The company begins the tracking process immediately. Based on the tracker, the company will switch off the engine as the tracking continues. You will be receiving updates on the tracking progress on a regular basis.

Does GPS Tracking Device Interfere With A Vehicle Electronic System?

Certified tracking devices should not interfere with a vehicle’s electronic system. The manufacturers should provide a detailed and comprehensive guide on installation so that the vehicle’s management system, onboard computers, and safety computers are not affected or disorganized. In some cases, you can get a qualified technician to do the installation. Ensure the tracker is certified by relevant bodies.

How Can I Monitor My Vehicle on My Devices?

Once your vehicle has the tracking system ready, you should be able to get access to a username and password to manage your account. Once you are logged in, you get real-time updates. Additionally, you can connect your tracker through a mobile application. Most trackers are mobile applications enabled.

What Happens When I Sell My Car?

If someone gets hold of a hidden tracking device, you will be alerted immediately. Based on your preferred mode of receiving notifications, you can get alerts via text, email, or push notifications. If someone tampers with the car battery, the tracker will use its internal battery.

Wireless Tracking Devices For Cars

What Happens When an Unauthorized Person Tampers with the Tracker?

If someone gets hold of a hidden tracking device, you will be alerted immediately. Based on your preferred mode of receiving notifications, you can get alerts via text, email, or push notifications. If someone tampers with the car battery, the tracker will use its internal battery.

Final Thought

Tracking of cars through GPS is on the rise. Note that car tracking also entails other aspects like accident notifications, stops, emergency services among others. For whatever reasons you are tracking your car, you can use our buying guide to get the product that suits your needs. The above covered hidden tracking devices for cars are ideal for most needs.