X Plane 11 Airbus A380

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Another in the series of AI aircraft. These AI aircraft are designed to give as little FPS loss as possible while at the same time look and perform realistically. They only work in v10!

X-plane 11 airbus a380 free downloadAirbusX Plane 11 Airbus A380

Finally found a copy of our A380. I always get amazed when I see it. We built it 4 years BEFORE (!) the real one was rolled out. Guess we nailed it pretty good.
As AI aircraft it is really impressive when it takes off and land - I can promise you. Uses a lot of runway, so make sure you have one that's long enough.
Unfortunately, only one livery on thi sone:
- Lufthansa
However, everyone are of course free to repaint these AI aircraft. If you do send it over and I'll include it in these packs!
Special thanks to all designers and repainters that have contributed at XPFW over the years. To many to mention, but you will find their names and original livery's and aircraft in the XPFW registry's. They all deserve credit for this and I hope this will result in these aircraft will get an extended life.
More types will follow.
Basically you treat these aircraft as you would any other aircraft:
- Unzip the file.
- Place the folder containing the AI aircraft anywhere you like inside the 'Aircraft' folder.
- Start the v10 sim
- Goto Aircraft/Aircraft & Situations
- Click on the tab 'Other aircraft'
- Add/replace the default aircraft with these - as many as you like...
- Done

AirbusX Plane 11 Airbus A380

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Download free Airbus A380 liveries for FlightGear flight simulator. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Korean Air received its first of ten A380 units on 24th May 2011, powered by Engine Alliance GP7200 engines. It has as few as 407 passenger seats, since the entire upper deck is reserved for business class passengers (94), while on the main deck 12 first class and 301 economy class seats are installed.