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TBM 900 by HotStart Full Flight and G1000 GPS setup/programming SID and STARS.0:00 - Welcome / Intro1:13 - TBM External Preflight6:30 - TBM Power Up7:21 - Pr. Download High Quality Liveries for both P3D and X-plane. PMDG, FlightFactor, IXEG, Zibo, and more! Download High Quality Liveries.

The TBM 900 is a high-performance single-engine turboprop light business utility aircraft manufactured by Daher. The Hot Start TBM 900, is one of the most realistic, study level aircraft available for X-Plane 11. Please join Aus Flight Simmer as he takes the TBM 900 for a.


February 6, 2021

Version 1.1.13 of the Hot Start TBM-900 has been released today, making it the first update the aircraft has seen in just under a year, following v1.1.12's release in April 2020.

X Plane 11 Tbm 900

The long time between drinks can likely be attributed to the development time spent on Hot Start's second project, the Challenger 650.

To learn more about that product, check out our article from May 2019, when the aircraft was first announced.

Back to the TBM, the changelog, as ever, is split into two sections for 'enhancements' and 'bugfixes'.


  • Aircraft will automatically default to the X-Plane experimental FM
  • Performance improvements to panel rendering code should result in less CPU time being eaten up every frame.
  • Integrated new GCU478 keypad commands for stock G1000 integration.
  • Migrated to new OpenAL 1.21.0 build to resolve some issues with the default audio device sometimes not being detected properly on Windows.
  • Added option to disable popup clickspots in VR under 'Configure Visual Effects'.
  • Added support to blink the MIC light on the audio panel when using xPilot.
  • New command mappings INI for RSG hardware.


  • Window centering would sometimes cause a window to appear off-screen.
  • LOC/VOR arming could crash due to a NAN value being attempted to be filtered.
  • Additional hardening against somebody engaging stock X-Plane autothrottle.
  • Reduced engine oil quantity life, because we should be burning oil a bit faster.
  • Increased engine oil quality lifetime, the oil should last a LONG time.
  • TAS system hardening in case NAN values are returned by X-TCAS.
  • Bottom TCAS antenna wasn't touching the fuselage.
  • Torque bugs aren't supposed to go away when gear deployment signal is missing.
  • Engine torque display on EICAS wasn't correcting for X-Plane TP engine model quirks.
  • Nav data parser wasn't compatible with new X-Plane 11.50 navaid format, breaking the localizer receiver.
  • DME range wasn't being displayed
  • AoA indicator was black
  • Rain effect should work under Vulkan (might require selecting 'Low').
  • Incorrect logical inversion could wreck havoc in autopilot CDI switchover logic.
  • macOS: Bumped macOS deployment target to 10.13, since 10.12 is no longer supported.
  • Fixed rain effect not appearing in the right eye in VR under Vulkan
  • Fixed the HUD bleeding through the glareshield.
  • UI scaling would break rendering in the Maintenance Manager.
  • Mac build would crash due to querying non-existent OpenAL context for error information
  • Mouse interaction with the oxygen mask wasn't correct when using UI scaling.
  • librain fix for ice effect flickering in the left eye in VR.
  • Climb/cruise torque bugs aren't supposed to go away when gear deployment signal is missing.

X-Aviation, the publisher of the aircraft, recommends users visit their account page and download the new installer to get the update for themselves.

Alternatively, new users can purchase the Hot Start TBM-900 for $64.95 USD from the same website.

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HotStart has today issued an update for their rendition of TBM-900 for X-Plane 11. The main improvement is an FPS boost by avoiding an inefficient flight plan query every frame. The update also features some bug fixes, for example, the simulator should no longer crash when using Vulkan on Windows with Nvidia GPU, updated magnetic model to latest coefficients (2020-2025) or reworked aileron trim model. As usual, the complete changelog can be seen below. The update can be downloaded via Your Account page at X-Aviation.

If you want to purchase the HotStart TBM 900, you can only do so via the X-Aviation website for $64.95.


X Plane 11 Tbm 900 Checklist

Improvements / New Features:

  • Got a modest framerate boost by avoiding an inefficient flight plan query every frame.

X-plane 11 System Requirements

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when using Vulkan on Windows with an Nvidia GPU
  • Updated magnetic model to latest coefficients for the years 2020-2025.
  • Updated RealSimGear config file we ship to the latest one and renamed it so it no longer overwrites an existing config file if you had it customized.
  • Reduced AP panel knob sensitivity when spun in VR.
  • Stiffened up pitch response to desensitize the pitch axis more on approach & in cruise.
  • Reworked aileron trim model to be more linear with airspeed.
  • Negative-G induced engine flameout was happening way too quickly.
  • Limited the amount of pooled up fuel to prevent huge temp spikes during

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