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Hey everbody.

As i want to build multiple hardware cockpit panels to control/display parameters in my flight simulator X-Plane 11, i am wondering, which arduino board i should purchase.

How to upload SimVimCokcpit Firmware to Arduino Mega: In Xplane and plane running: Go to Plugins SimVimCockpit Firmaware upload From Firmware Upload window: Click “Next” button. Plug in Arduino Mega with USB cable to PC and click “Detect port -” button. Sim Innovations develops flight simulation software and hardware for X-Plane, FSX and Prepar3D. With our software, Air Manager, you can build custom 2D instruments, or download them for free within the application. Probably not the right place to seek this kind of help - there may be folks with x plane expertise, but likely not very many who are active. Your links don't give much detail about how the products work either - I see a cryptic reference to an interface card, but I can't tell whether they're authentic looking panels that mount a bunch of switches and displays to be driven by some other system. X-Plane Autopilot for Arduino. Contribute to ker2x/ArduinoXPlaneAutopilot development by creating an account on GitHub.

I want to use switches, buttons, lcd-displays and led's to to control the software and have information from the software displayed.

Currently i think i should go with the mega or DUE, as they seem to have the most I/O's.

But this site for example


seems to use teensy boards only.

So as i am new to arduino, i would be glad, if someone could give an advice or point out why a certain board would be best to use...

This guide will show you how to install SIMVIM firmware to Arduino Mega to be used on a home cockpit. For more information about hardware and SIMVIM Xplane -plugin visit: www.simvim.com

Components needed:

  • Arduino Mega
  • USB cable

Software needed:

  • Xplane 11.30
  • SIMVIM 0.9.33
  • This guide was done with Windows but it should work also in Ubuntu

Note if using Ubuntu! purge “modemmanager” program if not needed. It reserves Arduino Mega USB port when connected to a PC and SimVim firmware upload does not succeed. You might also need to eject USB before upload can be achieved.


Arduino Mega with USB cable to PC. (Do not connect it now!)

Arduino X Plane 11

How to install SimVimCokcpit plugin:

Download SimVimCockpit plugin from https://www.patreon.com/simvim.

X Plane Arduino Code

Extract it and copy SimVim folder to Xplane plugins folder
(…/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins).

X Plane Arduino

Check that plugins starts with X-plane. Start a plane in Xplane and look for SimVimCockpit from Xplanes Plugins drop down menu.

Home Cockpit X-plane Arduino

How to upload SimVimCokcpit Firmware to Arduino Mega: