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After Streetview, Google Earth’s flight simulator is something that I personally love. Not many people know this but Google Earth Pro comes with an inbuilt flight simulator that gives you the complete flying experience. You can start your tour from any airport you like and fly your plane across the globe. The flying experience is good and gives you some realistic feels. In this guide, we are going to show you how to use the flight simulator in Google Earth, so without waiting further let’s get started.

Xplagerepeatedly generates two different KML files at a refresh interval specified by the user. The first is used by Google Earth to display an overhead map with North at the top and an icon in the center of the satellite image to indicate the position of the simulated aircraft.

Here’s how to use the flight simulator in Google Earth:

1) Download Google Earth Pro on your PC by clicking here. It is to be noted that the flight simulator is only available in the Google Earth Pro desktop app which means that you won’t be able to use it on the web or mobile version.

2) Once done, launch the Google Earth Pro desktop app and navigate to “Tools“. Under the tools section, click on “Enter Flight Simulator” to launch the flight simulator. Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl+Alt+A to launch the flight simulator on your PC.

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  • Oct 24, 2019 Enter Flying Mode On Google Earth. Launch Google Earth on your computer. Now, go to Tools from the toolbar at the top and select Enter Flight Simulator You can also press Ctrl+Alt+A from your keyboard to enter the flight simulator. On the Flight Simulator tab, make the following changes: First, select the aircraft that you want to fly.

3) Once the Flight Simulator tab comes up, select a plane. For beginners, we recommend you to choose SR22 as it’s super easy to control and kinda slower than the F-16. However, if you like speed and you are someone who can control the plane easily go for the F-16.


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4) Once you’ve selected the plane, choose your start position. Google Earth Pro offers you hundreds of Airports to choose from and you can select any of the airports you like. Click on “Start Flight” to begin with the flight simulator.

5) Once the flight simulator is started, the next part which comes is controlling the plane. The controls for the plane are weird in Google Earth Pro and it won’t be an easy job to handle the plane. The controls can’t be customized which means that handling won’t be as easy as it is with the airplanes in Grand Theft Auto V. Below we’ve mentioned the controls for your flight in Google Earth Pro:

  • To get started with, hit the Page Up button to move your plane on the runway. Pressing Page Up will increase your flight speed.
  • Once your plane gets enough speed to take off, press the downward arrow key slightly to take off.
  • Once your plane reaches the flight altitude the wings will be leveled off, center the mouse on your screen for a safe flight.
  • When you are in mid-air you can use right and left arrow keys to change the direction.
  • You can use “ctrl” with your desired arrow key to look around. Pressing ctrl + arrow key will result in a quick turn. In addition to this, you can also press alt+arrow keys for a slow turn.
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So that’s all for this guide. Where are you flying next? Let us know in the comments below and before you go make sure you check out our recent article on “How to use Google Earth Streetview” by clicking here.